1 year, 100 modified MAN TGEs


Right from ex works, the MAN TGE has several different versions. And, if you want it even more specialised, the MAN Bus Modification Center in Plauen has you covered. The 100th modified TGE has now been delivered.

  • The MAN BMC has been supplying custom upgrades and bodywork for the MAN TGE since April 2017
  • The 100th modified TGE has been delivered to the municipality of Kümmersbruck
  • Wide range of industry-specific modifications available


Ever since it was introduced at the IAA in 2016, the MAN TGE has enjoyed immense popularity, thanks in part to the series upgrades and bodywork available. But we didn’t stop there. The MAN Bus Modification Center (BMC) in Plauen has also been making each specific customer request a reality since April 2017. Since then, 100 of the TGEs have been modified. At the beginning of May, the Kümmersbruck municipality received the milestone vehicle.

“Being able to source the base vehicle and the modification all from the same place is one of the things that really sets MAN apart,” praised Michael Reindl from the Kümmersbruck municipality at the handover in Plauen. “It’s also a great thing to have my vehicle delivered at such a modern site and to get a personal insight into production first hand at the same time.”

The 100th modified MAN TGE will be used by the municipality to take building yard employees to construction sites, take teams to their tournaments and for other passenger transport tasks. Because of this, the BMC has furnished the vehicle with seven adjustable and removable individual seats, as well as cladding the window posts and side wall. The modifications carried out by the BMC so far have included the passenger transportation industry, construction and building, special modifications such as leisure vehicles and office vehicles, as well as custom paint jobs.

“Offering such a wide range of truly custom solutions presents a huge advantage for customers,” said Heinz Kiess, Sales & Marketing Manager at the MAN Bus Modification Center in Plauen. “Here at the BMC there is practically no customer request we can’t make happen. Customers really appreciate that.” Industry-specific modification solutions like team transportation vehicles or heavy-duty escort vehicles are amongst some of the most in-demand in his view.

The MAN Bus Modification Center started operating out of Plauen in 2015. Around 140 employees there work towards making special customer requests a reality, from back room lounges to a complete disco bus or a double decker tour bus with 20 beds on the upper deck. Or indeed an upgraded TGE.