A lion for Christmas: the MAN Christmas truck


MAN Truck & Bus is supporting Santa Claus for the 14th time and is sending a festively decorated and illuminated MAN TGX XXL 18.500 on a Christmas tour. Until December 21, the semitrailer travels to numerous kindergartens and day-care centers, schools, clubs and facilities for people with disabilities.

  • In 2018, too, a MAN TGX XXL 18.500 will be touring the Christmas season festively decorated
  • Tradition for 14 years: MAN apprentices transform a tractor-trailer with great commitment and attention to detail into the MAN Christmas truck
  • Volunteerism - MAN employees use the luminous TGX to help kindergartens, schools and social institutions


The apprentices of the MAN training workshop turned a red MAN TGX XXL 18.500 including semi-trailer into the traditional MAN Christmas truck with great skill and much attention to detail. About 240 meters LED string lights provide the red “sledge” with the necessary Christmas twinkle and sparkle, which the trainees have carefully attached with more than 300 cable ties to the tractor and semi-trailer in several weeks work. . The MAN letters in the radiator grille shine thanks to a special backlighting in Christmassy resplendence. In order to keep the truck continuously illuminated during its numerous festive missions, the trailer also carries batteries that can be recharged via the TGX's 500 hp engine. This allows seven hours of permanent Christmas lights purely driven by electrical power.

Finally, to enhance the Christmas spirit even more, the entire trailer is adorned with an almost 83 square meter Christmas theme, which announces the special truck from afar, To ensure that the MAN Christmas truck arrives safely and punctually at its various destinations, even in adverse weather and road conditions during the Advent season, the TGX has the switchable frontaxle-mounted MAN HydroDrive. At the push of a button, it will turn into a winter-proof four-wheel drive vehicle, which snow and ice will not be able to stop.

At the end of November, the MAN trainees proudly handed over their "sledge" to the Santa Claus men and women who will tour with it. In this role, as every year, numerous MAN employees volunteer to visit selected facilities for children and disadvantaged people as well as Christmas markets all over Bavaria until December 21 with the MAN Christmas Truck.

Of course, as a surprise for the kids, the big semi-trailer truck also carries the appropriate Christmas freight: chocolate and a little gift for everyone. "The joy of the children and their bright eyes, when they see the Christmas truck, is the most beautiful Christmas present for all of us!", knows Stefan Kaserer, MAN Marketing, who organizes the MAN Christmas Truck Tour.