Bauma 2019: MAN for heavy-duty loads


MAN heavy-duty semitrailer tractors can move up to 250 tonnes gross combination weight. MAN has added the TGX 33.640 6x4 BLS to its product range for a gross combination weight of 180 tonnes. MAN will be showcasing this vehicle at its stand at the 2019 bauma – the world's leading construction machinery trade fair.

  • Wide product portfolio for heavy-duty and high-capacity transports
  • Three-axle tractors of the TGS series from 470 to 510 hp
  • Three-axle and four-axle tractors of the TGX series from 470 to 640 hp
  • Industry-oriented equipment ex works

Heavy-duty and high-capacity transport requires extremely high perfor-mance. Customers demand peak values for performance and torque, con-tinuous braking power, payloads, fifth-wheel coupling load and traction as well as reliability and efficiency. The driver also needs maximum comfort. MAN offers a comprehensive product portfolio with industry-specific equipment for heavy-duty transport. The lightweight chassis and lightweight 6-cylinder in-line engines from MAN offer high fifth-wheel coupling loads and high payloads. The 640 hp MAN D38 engine and the four-axle TGX 41.640 semitrailer tractor are the top of the range, offering a gross combina-tion weight of 250 tonnes.

For heavy-duty construction machine transport: TGX 33.640

MAN is closing a gap in its product range with the MAN TGX 33.640 6x4 BLS to be showcased at the 2019 bauma. The three-axle heavy-duty semi-trailer tractor is designed for a gross combination weight of 160 tonnes and up to 180 tonnes with special approval. With MAN's most powerful en-gine, it is particularly suitable for transporting heavy-duty construction ma-chinery, construction equipment and crane accessories. The D38 series 6-cylinder engine with 15.3 litre displacement, which is only available in the TGX series, delivers 640 hp (471 kW) at 1800 rpm in its most powerful ver-sion and delivers a maximum torque of 3000 Nm at 900 - 1400 rpm.

In order to harness the tractive force on the road, MAN combines the chas-sis in normal height design with external planetary axles with a load capacity of 9 tonnes at the front and two with a load capacity of 13 tonnes at the rear. The front axle is leaf-sprung and the two rear axles are air-suspended. The MAN TipMatic 12 overdrive gearbox with retarder is equipped with the HeavyDuty shifting software for the industry-specific application. This con-tinuously calculates the current gross combination weight and selects the ideal shifting mode depending on it: for low tonnage, the long-distance mode designed for economy, and for high tonnage, the performance-related heavy-duty mode. This is based on the Offroad program in which the gears are turned at higher speeds and shifted through individually to avoid inter-ruptions in traction. The maximum engine braking power of the Turbo EVB in combination with the retarder is up to 750 kW in order to safely drive down gradients with a heavy-duty load or stop the vehicle.

MAN equips the semitrailer tractor ex works to meet the requirements of its heavy-duty transport task. The XLX and XXL cabs are available. Stainless steel storage boxes are fitted on the heavy-duty tower mounted behind it. The hydraulic system, which is primarily used to operate the semitrailer while driving, has a capacity of 30 litres/minute at 250 bar and a load sens-ing system that controls the oil flow as required.

Comprehensive MAN product range for heavy-duty transports

In heavy-duty and large-capacity transport, tractors configured specifically for the task are required, which are combined with equally special semitrail-ers and trailers. The MAN heavy-duty range in the TGS and TGX series starts with three-axle tractors with a gross combination weight of 70 or 90 tonnes. This value depends on the selected motor-gearbox combination. The last rear axle is driven in the hypoid version designed for efficiency. The leading axle is steered to optimise manoeuvrability and can be lifted during empty runs to increase efficiency.

The three-axle MAN vehicles of the TGS and TGX series, which feature two driven rear axles, are suitable for high traction and a gross combina-tion weight of up to 180 tonnes, depending on the selected drive train. In order to cover long transport distances, diesel tanks with a total capacity of 1080 litres are available on both sides of the frame for the Euro 6 version.

Two drive concepts are available where maximum traction is essential. In addition to the classic 6x6 all-wheel drive of all axles for a maximum gross combination weight of 180 tonnes, MAN also offers the model with MAN HydroDrive. Here, a hydrostatic drive in the front axle provides traction as required. The advantages include lower vehicle weight, a normal height de-sign option and lower fuel consumption. The gross combination weight is 120 tonnes. In markets outside Europe, MAN offers the TGS 6x6 all-wheel-drive semitrailer tractor in Euro 4 and Euro 5 versions with converter-clutch unit. A gross combination weight of 250 tonnes is available for heavy-duty transports or mining deployments.

The MAN TGX 41.640 8x4/4 is the top of the range for a gross combination weight of 250 tonnes. The engine delivers a torque of 3000 Nm and the torque converter-clutch unit increases the torque to 4740 Nm for smooth and gentle starting processes. The continuous braking power is up to 900 kW over a wide speed range. The 580 hp D38 engine in the MAN TGX 41.580 8x4/4 can handle a gross combination weight of up to 210 tonnes. The rack behind the XLX and XXL cabs accommodates the fuel tank with a maximum capacity of 960 litres, the hydraulic fluid tank for a maximum capacity of 270 litres, the air tank, the coolant expansion tank, the auxiliary fan with heat exchanger for coolants and the converter-clutch unit as well as the storage boxes.

Industry-oriented equipment

The extensive selection list of industry-oriented, heavy-duty semitrailer trac-tor equipment includes the sliding device of the fifth-wheel coupling, the support plate at the rear frame for the gooseneck of the semitrailer, the hy-draulic system for supplying the semitrailer hydraulics, the register coupling at the front for coasting in the train configuration, the equipment with heavy-duty trailer coupling in addition to the standard coupling at the rear. In close cooperation with MAN Individual and qualified conversion partners, custom-er-specific modifications can be made to the cab equipment, wheelbase and axles.