Business Solutions for Success: MAN at the 2017 transport logistic Trade Fair


MAN is showcasing its TCO-specialist, the TGX EfficientLine 3, and its new VAN series, the MAN TGE, at transport logistic // MAN Financial Services is presenting its comprehensive service portfolio on financing, leasing, insurance and rentals // RIO, the new digital brand from Volkswagen Truck & Bus, looks towards the logistics of the future with its new digital services

At the leading trade fair for the global logistics industry, MAN Truck & Bus is presenting its expertise as a provider of efficient transport solutions for this industry. Representing the vehicle hardware sector, MAN is showcasing a TGX EfficientLine 3 500 hp tractor unit and XLX cab in light red at its stand. The EfficientLine concept brings together the whole range of technical and aerodynamic fuel saving measures into one truck. To measure the savings potential of the new EfficientLine 3 generation in a striking way, MAN car-ried out a fuel consumption measurement trip with a MAN TGX 18500 4x2 BLS EfficientLine 3 tractor unit, using the predecessor, a MAN TGX 18480 4x2 BLS EfficientLine 2, which also took part in a measurement trip, as a basis for comparison. The TÜV SÜD testing and certification body super-vised the calculations for determining the measurement results. The official results confirm that, in comparison with an identically configured Efficient-Line 2, the EfficientLine 3 uses up to 6.35 percent less fuel over 100 kilome-tres.

Representing the VAN segment, which is becoming more and more im-portant in logistics, MAN has brought its MAN TGE, which was launched on the market in March, to transport logistic. The exhibited model is a panel van variant of the TGE, with a 177 hp engine and a Sortimo racking system. In addition to the closed panel van and glazed combi, the vehicle chassis with single and crew cab enhance the range of body designs. And, of course, the latter can also be ordered from the factory with a large range of superstructures. With its high quantity of derivatives, the MAN TGE is ideal for anyone requiring a transporter or combi with a permissible total weight of between 3 and 5.5 metric tonnes in their day-to-day professional life. In the future, customers will also be able to choose between two wheelbases, three roof heights and three vehicle lengths. The van’s cargo space has a potential volume of up to 18.4 cubic metres, depending on the combination chosen. And as always, the cargo space is brightly lit using LEDs. Depend-ing on the permissible total weight, front, rear or all-wheel drive options are possible, coupled with either a six-speed manual gearbox or an eight-speed automatic gearbox. These 1968 cc diesel engines offer the highest levels of efficiency, producing 75 kW/102 hp, 90 kW/122 hp, 103 kW/140 hp and 130 kW/177 hp.

Various new safety and comfort features protect passengers and support the driver in the new MAN TGE. For this, a large number of driver assis-tance systems were introduced that are unrivalled in the C/D segment. These features also include, for example, the standard Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) and the optional Adaptive Cruise Control. The new MAN TGE, with optimum Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), will inspire you with its low cW value of just 0.33, economic fuel consumption and low maintenance and repair costs. On top of this is a level of service that covers virtually eve-ry conceivable request: ranging from flexible maintenance and repair con-tracts and warranty extensions to the 24-hour breakdown service with the usual level of business customer focus in terms of flexible workshop dead-lines and extended opening times.

As an additional focus area at the trade fair, MAN Financial Services is also presenting its comprehensive service portfolio, comprising financing, leasing and insurance as well as its rental range and the MAN card. What’s more, on the upper floor of the MAN trade fair stand in Hall A5 (stand no. 303/304), RIO, the new Volkswagen Truck & Bus digital brand, is providing a glimpse at logistics of the future with its new digital services.




The new EfficientLine 3

With an even more efficient driveline, the new MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 is a winner for the model year 2017.





The entry-level MAN TGE starts at 3.0 tonnes permitted total weight – with the upper end of the range being 5.5 tonnes. In addition to the closed deliv-ery van and utility wagon with windows, the selection of vehicle bodies is increased with the addition of chassis with single and crew cabs.