Everything at a glance – new MAN online overview supports customers in cost efficiency


Most efficient vehicle – MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 is economically perfect basis for fleet // Trained staff – MAN ProfiDrive gets drivers up to scratch with latest vehicle technology and efficiency // Top-class service – MAN service portfolio offers solution for all things cost-related


The total cost of ownership (“TCO” for short) is the key term in cost accounting for those wanting to assert and boost their position in the market amid growing competition. For this reason, MAN is supporting its customers with cost optimisation in all business areas – brought together on the new website www.tco.man.

When it comes to transparency of overall truck operating costs, MAN’s approach is to provide reliability, information and service. This is why MAN’s new Internet presence www.tco.man summarises and neatly sets out all the aspects that can draw on MAN transport companies’ efficient products and wide range of services to help to effectively analyse and reduce your costs.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is the key term in cost accounting for those wanting to assert and boost their position in the market amid growing competition. After all, the purchase price and fuel consumption perhaps remain the obvious main factors when it comes to the use of a commercial vehicle. However, starting by considering the direct and indirect follow-up costs in a careful and consolidated manner allows for a solid long-term forecast to keep the overall balance positive in the future. MAN customers can find detailed information at www.tco.man split into three sections: Vehicle, Driver and Services. The perfect balancing of these three building blocks, combined and connected within an integrated approach, contributes significantly to a company’s efficiency and success.

The most efficient vehicle

Every transport company’s work is based and centred on its fleet of vehicles. One of MAN’s own vehicle solutions is the TGX EfficientLine 3, a proven efficiency champion. It has been found to consume up to 6.35% less than its predecessor models. Numerous innovations from the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 make this possible. For example, there is the new predictive MAN EfficientCruise GPS cruise control, which is available right now in combination with the EfficientRoll freewheel function and the new MAN TipMatic gearbox. This is aided by consistent optimisation of the entire driveline and the new fuel-efficient and low-emission MAN D26 engines, while also achieving higher performance and increased torque compared with the previous generation.

The Vehicle section at www.tco.man explains in depth how these features interact.

The trained driver

The newest and most cost-effective fleet has little use standing still. It won't work without its drivers. However, the drivers will need the chance to get acquainted with the innovative new technology in their vehicles, familiarising themselves with it and learning how best to use it. So with MAN, the handover of keys for a new truck is far from the end of the story. MAN ProfiDrive works out the ideal MAN training offer in the Driver area at www.tco.man. In this section, drivers can sharpen their knowledge and expand their skills dealing with the new vehicle technology in the driving safety training, efficiency training or special training sessions. MAN ProfiDrive driver training complies with the German law governing the qualification of professional drivers (BKrFQG) and includes documented proof.

Those looking for their very own personalised and individual coaching can get a MAN ProfiDrive trainer live in the cab while transporting, with MAN Connected CoDriver letting you reach them directly over the phone. Including detailed analyses and valuable tips on driving style and increasing efficiency, this can facilitate savings of over two litres of diesel over 100 kilometres.

Top-class service

A wide range of services on offer complete the support for the total cost accounting, starting with MAN TeleMatics, the smart fleet management system that employers can use to keep a constant eye on their fleet. Whether it’s vehicle information, trip planning or even the legally required archiving of data from the digital tachographs, all the functions are combined in MAN TeleMatics.

MAN TeleMatics also enables use of MAN ServiceCare, the proactive maintenance management system for MAN vehicles. Planning and organising your own workshop visits for maintenance? No longer necessary with MAN ServiceCare. The workshop gets the truck and its maintenance schedule on screen. These costs for maintenance are transparent with the various MAN ServiceContracts choices on offer, and you can include different guarantees and other service options. Additionally, in the event of a breakdown, Mobil24 – the MAN breakdown service for trucks and buses – will ensure that MAN customers are not left to fend for themselves.

Alongside this, MAN also offers products in the areas of finance, leasing, rental and insurance under one roof with MAN Financial Services. What’s more, you can get the fleet card to match with the MAN Card.

All MAN services are accessible through the Service section at www.tco.man. On the respective product pages, you can find contacts persons, informative material to download and much more.

In addition, RIO, the new digital brand of Volkswagen Truck & Bus, will offer MAN customers new digital services for the logistics of the future still in this year.