German Ski Association relies on MAN TGX


On 20th October, MAN Truck & Bus handed over two MAN TGXs to the German Ski Association (DSV). The 500 hp semitrailer tractors are equipped with a new combination of the automated MAN TipMatic gearbox and the MAN HydroDrive hydrostatic front-wheel drive which was unveiled for the first time at IAA 2016. These vehicles, with their added traction and greater driving safety, even on slippery surfaces, will be travelling with Germany’s biathletes and cross-country skiers to Skiing World Cup events, where they will serve as mobile workshops.

The vehicles were handed over as part of the official DSV event marking the start of the season, and top athletes including Simon Schempp, Arnd Peiffer and Sebastian Eisenlauer seemed impressed by their powerful new ‘team members’. Gerald Hönig and Mark Kirchner, the two national biathlon coaches, also took the opportunity to inspect the modern tractor units for the first time.

“We are very happy to be able to continue our successful partnership with MAN for the next two winter seasons,” enthused DSV’s Marketing Director Walter Vogel. “Not only our drivers, but, above all, our athletes and coaches value the reliability of the TGXs. They give us a genuine competitive edge, especially in the adverse weather and travel conditions we can encounter when making the – sometimes quite long – journeys from one World Cup location to the next. But our biathlon and cross-country trucks have always arrived at their destination on time.”

The ski-waxing trailers allow the elite athletes to have their skis serviced and prepared for competition directly at the event venue. These fully equipped, mobile workshops always carry all the materials needed to prepare the skis, thus avoiding time-consuming loading and unloading. They are also fitted with the specialist equipment needed to protect the health of the team technicians: a special extraction unit prevents the toxic gases produced when the skis are waxed from leaking into the workroom.

MAN HydroDrive provides superior traction - even on slippery surfaces

The additional MAN HydroDrive hydrostatic front-wheel drive is an essential component of the two new MAN TGX semitrailer tractors. As the waxing trailers are located immediately next to the competition sites at World Cup events, snow and ice pose a particular challenge when travelling to and from these locations. The MAN HydroDrive delivers the additional traction to the front wheels required to manoeuvre the semitrailers safely in these situations, even on slippery terrain.

The system can operate at speeds of up 30 km/h and is specifically designed for vehicles which travel primarily on roads, but which may occasionally be required to operate on rough terrain. A hydraulic pump flange-mounted to the vehicle’s gearbox provides additional drive power which is then transferred to two wheel hub drives on the front axle via hydraulic lines. The traction and directional stability this provides improve driving safety on unsurfaced and slippery terrain as well as when pulling away, particularly on inclines. In addition to this, when travelling downhill, the MAN HydroDrive provides extra braking for even greater safety.

The MAN HydroDrive weighs only slightly more than a conventional rear-wheel drive but is several hundred kilogrammes lighter than a traditional all-wheel drive unit. The overall height remains the same and the vehicle’s centre of gravity is low, ensuring optimum driving stability. Similarly, the turning circle of MAN HydroDrive vehicles is the same as their rear-wheel drive counterparts. More than 7000 customers now rely on the benefits of this system, which MAN first introduced back in 2005, in keeping with its status as a cutting-edge technology provider.

MAN HydroDrive with MAN TipMatic gearbox

MAN HydroDrive can now be used with the latest generation of automated TipMatic gearboxes in addition to manually operated gearboxes. MAN is thus combining the proven efficiency and high level of driving comfort provided by its drivelines with the unrivalled safety and traction benefits of the MAN HydroDrive.

The two new MAN TGXs transport the skis of the German biathletes and cross-country skiers to the competition venues not only reliably and safely, but also extremely efficiently. For the comfort and convenience of the drivers, the latest DSV semitrailer tractors now include a new multi-media system with DAB reception and truck navigation, leather interior and a climate-controlled driver’s seat. Additional safety is provided by the EBA2 emergency braking system and LGS Lane Guard System, fitted as standard, while the automatic light and wiper system and xenon headlights ensure good visibility in all weather conditions.