IAA 2018: Side by side with its customers (Press Kit Services)


MAN Truck & Bus is committed to making everyday work as easy as possible for its customers. This includes a wide range of services, which will also be on display at the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicles.

  • Non-stop service with MAN Mobile24
  • MAN ServiceContracts
  • MAN Genuine Engine ecoline+
  • Extended warranty on service and parts

Once the keys have been handed over, the work for the trucks and buses only begins. MAN Truck & Bus offers its customers a whole range of services to ensure that this runs as smoothly as possible.

MAN Mobile24: Non-stop service

It’s obviously better if you never need it, but if the worst comes to the worst, it's good to know it exists - the mobility service from MAN and NEOPLAN. In emergencies, customers can reach the MAN Mobile24 emergency call centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and at no charge via the standard Europe-wide hotline. The hotline offers more than 25 languages so that a member of the international team can quickly and easily refer you to one of 2000 workshops throughout Europe or a MAN service vehicle. If you enter your e-mail address, you will be kept up to date online via a tracking link.

MAN ServiceContracts: Repair and maintenance made easy

MAN ServiceContracts services are tailored to the respective requirements and help transport companies reduce costs and increase performance at the same time. Their potential is reflected in absolute planning and costing reliability. In addition, customers also benefit from professional maintenance and preventive repairs that increase operational safety and minimise vehicle downtimes. The repair and maintenance contracts also cover the handling of maintenance work, thus relieving the operator both of administrative and organisational tasks. Another advantage is the Europe-wide handling of unforeseen repairs, including the payment commitment abroad.

MAN Genuine Engine ecoline+: One engine, two lives

A new service in the service portfolio is called MAN Genuine Engine ecoline+. It offers a particularly cost-effective and ecological solution, especially for older vehicles. The old engines are disassembled at the Nuremberg engine plant and the parts cleaned and tested. The MAN Genuine Engine ecoline+ engines are then assembled from the recycled components and a defined number of new MAN genuine parts. All essential wearing parts are always replaced. The engine is only released following a successful test run. The main difference to the MAN Genuine Engine ecoline, is the higher preparation scope for the most important components of the basic engine. The 24-month warranty remains the same.

2-year warranty on service and parts

MAN is convinced of the quality, accuracy of fit and thus also the reliability of the genuine parts. Customers also benefit from this conviction: Instead of the previous one-year warranty, they now receive a two-year warranty on MAN Genuine parts, MAN Genuine parts ecoline and MAN Genuine accessories. The two-year warranty applies to all repairs carried out at MAN service centres, including repairs of MAN Genuine parts, MAN Genuine parts ecoline and MAN Genuine accessories. The scope of services is identical to the previous one-year warranty.


Comprehensive consultancy for transport solutions


The consultation team from MAN Transport Solutions provides support to transport and haulage companies moving towards zero-emissions solutions, including comprehensive consultancy for fleet and transport solutions involving alternative drives.


  • Specialised team of consultants for alternative bus and truck drives, consisting of experts on all facets of alternative vehicle operation
  • Individual advice to transport companies and fleet operators
  • Support with vehicle design, operation and infrastructure, as well as servicing and maintenance

As they navigate the path from ‘low emissions’ to ‘no emissions’, transport companies and fleet operators face a range of challenges that go beyond the vehicle itself. To provide them with the best possible support in this regard, MAN Truck & Bus has called upon a team of consultants specialising in individual transport solutions that offer maximum cost efficiency. Drawing upon a wealth of experience, not only can the qualified consultants provide advice regarding use of the vehicle itself, they are also able to cover issues relating to infrastructure and energy demand, as well as maintenance concepts and fleet design.

“Each customer can select whichever components of our range of services they need, as we provide personalised advice and consultancy. For example, we can use our simulation tools to assist them with route planning or with depot design and layout,” explained Stefan Sahlmann, who heads up the consultancy team at MAN Transport Solutions. Thanks to their expertise, the consultants are able to issue advice regarding the complete use of the vehicles – both trucks and buses – ranging from operation and infrastructure to servicing and maintenance. This includes traffic planning with vehicle scheduling and route planning, management of batteries and charging, analyses and optimisation of energy requirements, together with maintenance plans, and depot design and training. Alongside the experienced consultants, the analysis and evaluation tools that are available also play an important role.

“Our aim is to enable companies to make a well-planned entry into the field of operating alternative drives that have been designed to optimise the TCO,” explained Stefan Sahlmann. Thanks to experience gained while working on other projects, including within the scope of innovation partnerships, MAN is able to share its specialist knowledge with its customers and to accompany fleet operators into the future. “As we give thought to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across the entire life cycle, we are, for example, already in a position to issue advice regarding the changing of batteries,” stated MAN’s Head of Transport Solutions. At present, the most significant challenges posed by this revolve around the planning and installation of the required infrastructure; the planning of ranges, taking into account the amount of power consumed by the vehicle’s heating and air-conditioning systems; as well as consumption optimisation and ensuring power supply reliability while charging.


By the Pros for the Pros – Tailor-Made Sectoral Training from MAN ProfiDrive


  • MAN ProfiDrive offers targeted professional driver training and continuous professional development courses for different sectors’ specific needs
  • Partnerships with relevant body and equipment manufacturers perfectly complement the training
  • MAN ProfiDrive puts emphasis on adding value through practical expertise and customer focus

Offering customised and needs-based sectoral training sessions for truck and bus drivers, MAN ProfiDrive has been focusing on the requirements and demands of its customers with even greater precision since the end of last year.

Customers can compile a training programme for their transportation tasks from an extensive portfolio of training modules. The MAN ProfiDrive experts work together with the customer to develop and design the events, as well as organise the time, schedule, location, and make adjustments to the basic training content (such as driving safety, technology, load securing, off-road training and efficiency).

The special part of the new sectoral training? MAN ProfiDrive brings a huge variety of body and accessory manufacturers into the fold, providing the perfect addition to the training courses. For instance, one of the first events for short and long timber transport drivers involved experts from Palfinger (loading cranes) and ExTe (trailers and specific load securing systems). Another training session for mixer truck drivers was a joint effort with body manufacturer Liebherr, while experts from the testing department at tipper manufacturer Meiller refreshed the participants’ practical knowledge during off-road and traction training for drivers of MAN trucks with off-road gears.

The liquids & gases sectoral training is another example of the diverse selection of options for those involved in that segment of the transport industry. This provides tank truck drivers with an intensive course on driver safety, focusing on critical driving situations, the physics of driving and the use of assistance systems, as well as highlighting commonplace vehicle technology with bodies. These sessions can also be combined with ADR training, instruction in work safety or fire extinguishing training.

Users of municipal works vehicles are also intended to receive targeted attention in the form of MAN ProfiDrive vehicle training in partnership with body and add-on equipment manufacturers. Practical experience can be gained via adverse weather or winter driving exercises or training on suitable terrain. Partnering with rescue technology and body manufacturers, vehicle training can also be laid on for fire brigade staff or relief workers who use special vehicles in extreme situations. In addition, there are vehicle exercises involving real-world conditions, terrain-based training or load securing work.

Bus drivers are the focus of a special emergency training course, in which they receive a comprehensive refresher on immediate measures at the accident site and on first aid. An authentic evacuation exercise and fire extinguishing training with simulated flames on board the bus are also part of the package.

The MAN ProfiDrive’s sectoral training portfolio will be continually expanded in the future, always aiming to meet specific needs. After all, MAN customers will be able to add value thanks to the wide variety of flexible training and continuous professional development courses on offer, which extend far beyond technical vehicle services. The experts from MAN ProfiDrive put the vehicle user and their individual requirements during day-to-day operations with the truck or bus at the centre of their work. MAN ProfiDrive courses and training sessions seek to provide practical advice, assistance and knowledge, helping the MAN customer to do their job with their vehicle to the best of their ability.


MAN ProfiDrive: Equipped to deal with all eventualities


What do you do when an accident occurs? How do you help someone who has suffered a heart attack? And how exactly do you extinguish a fire? All of this is explained, demonstrated and practised during the emergency training provided by the MAN ProfiDrive training provider.


  • Emergency training to practice the correct behaviour to adopt in an emergency situation
  • Correct use of fire extinguishers practised with a fire simulator
  • Evacuation of the bus

It is well known that the bus is the safest means of transport, however drivers must regularly consider how they should behave and help out in the event of an emergency. The ability to keep a cool head coupled with a structured approach can have a decisive impact on the outcome of a critical situation. That is why MAN ProfiDrive also provides emergency training for bus drivers. During this intensive training course, the trainers provide an overview of the most important first aid measures, the correct behaviour to adopt at the scene of an accident and the management of passengers. The new knowledge will be put into practice by means of role plays, the first aid manikin and a practical exercise. This will involve the use of fire extinguishers, for example, by the participants themselves, with guidance from the ProfiDrive trainer. The fire simulator will also create a lasting impression: The doors of the coach are closed and it is filled with smoke (non-toxic, of course) whilst a fire is simulated, before participants practice evacuating the vehicle in an orderly manner. Within seconds, your vision is obscured, which makes it very easy to lose your bearings. “This exercise gives participants an idea of just how difficult a situation of this nature actually is to manage. And that is when panic sets in,” explained Rolf Lechner, Head of Training at MAN ProfiDrive.

MAN ProfiDrive provides safety training to drivers. However, the additional training provided also focuses on subjects such as efficiency, laws and directives and general knowledge regarding new vehicle technologies. The range of subjects offered also covers theoretical learning and practical training based on the German Professional Driver Qualification Act (BKrFQG), which aims to make day-to-day driving even safer and more economical.