MAN Engines also involved in the new GTT 115 yacht from Dynamiq

2 x MAN V12-1650 with Fortjes 5000 pod // Comfort and sportiness // High-quality design

MAN Engines is again supplying twelve-cylinder engines for the second tour de force by the up-and-coming yacht builder Dynamiq from Monaco: The 35-metre long GTT 115 is equipped with two MAN V12-1650 engines, each with 1,213 kW (1,650 hp) at 2,300 rpm. The yacht will be unveiled to the public in the autumn at the Monaco Yacht Show. Two MAN V12-1800 engines are already providing the drive in the Jetsetter motor yacht - the first yacht from the newcomer Dynamiq, which made its debut in September 2016.

"The Dynamiq GTT 115 is the perfect realisation of utmost comfort and a sporty theme in a practical and relatively compact size," says Sergei Dobroserdov, CEO of Dynamiq, describing the drive concept of the luxury yacht. The concept is essentially based on the dynamic and smooth-running MAN engines. This means it is just as easy to head off on a quick jaunt as it is to enjoy a relaxed cruise. By combining the economical twelve-cylinder diesel engines from MAN with the Fortjes 5000 pod system from Reintjes, Dynamiq has created the optimum conditions for the drive in terms of fuel efficiency and speed. The manufacturer's specifications indicate this with a top speed of 21 kn - an astonishing feat for a boat of this size. The extremely compact design of the MAN engines at 2,139 mm x 1,153 mm x 1,275 mm (length x width x height) also enables Dynamiq to achieve an exclusive interior concept as well as a sun deck that is larger than the industry average.

One particularly special detail is the chrome-plated cylinder head covers of the two white-painted MAN twelve-cylinder engines. They round off the feeling of premium quality and exclusivity on the luxury yacht, which was designed with Porsche DNA running through to its core, in collaboration with Studio F.A. Porsche.

The Dynamiq GTT 115 will be showcased with the two MAN V12-1650 twelve-cylinder engines for the first time at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2017.