MAN Engines presents unique range of engines for construction machinery

Successful agricultural engine business provides solid foundation; new D4276 and D1556 engine series at Bauma trade fair; future engine developments can draw on commercial vehicle business

MAN Engines is the leading manufacturer of diesel engines for off-road applications. With many years of product experience at its disposal and a unique range of engines on offer, the engine manufacturing firm is now even better-equipped to provide solutions for excavators, wheel loaders, dumper trucks and mobile cranes. “Engines for construction machinery are an important part of our long-established off-road business, which has deep roots at MAN Engines. At the same time, we have invested many millions of euros in new and existing products in recent years,” says Reiner Rößner, head of sales at MAN Engines.

Thanks to consistent upgrades and progressive development, MAN Engines has been able to develop a complete selection of off-road products ranging from 4.6 L to 24.2 L displacement, based on the latest engine platforms and the newest technology. The current highlights are the world première of the D4276 and the newly launched D1556 for construction machinery, both making an appearance at this year's Bauma trade fair. In terms of power, this will give original equipment manufacturers a range of seven engine series to choose from, spanning 118 kW to 816 kW (158 hp to 1,095 hp). Early projects and collaborations confirm that the engines are also in demand and enjoying success in construction machinery.

Commercial vehicle business helps ensure long-term partnership

As a business unit of MAN Truck & Bus - and, in turn, a part of the Traton Group - MAN Engines benefits hugely from a wealth of experience in mass production of commercial vehicle engines. After all, the key to developing engines with a high degree of quality and efficiency for large construction and agricultural machinery is to utilise the essential technology used in engines on the construction site and for long-haul transport. This requires use of the latest technology and meticulously developed components. “Our high-volume commercial vehicle business will be the only way in the medium term to safely meet increasing technology requirements and ensure modern engine series that are fit for the future. That way, we can give our customers long-term reliability of supply when it comes to the latest diesel technology,” Rößner explains.

Highly specialised, easy to integrate

MAN Engines' off-road customers can benefit from the ability to easily integrate the engines in their system environment. As an engineering service provider for OEMs, MAN Engines relies on tailor-made solutions that meet automotive industry standards. In addition, it can already offer the necessary interfaces for engines to benefit from the ever-growing digital transformation and networking of components. The engine dynamics are specially adapted to suit the application at hand thanks to wastegate charging or exhaust turbo chargers with variable turbine geometry. This allows MAN engines to ensure sufficient charging pressure and dynamics for construction machinery, mining vehicles, rock crushers, environmental applications and shredding tasks - even at the low revolution and efficient engine speed range.

Modular exhaust gas aftertreatment for EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V

The availability of emission standards ranging from US Tier 4 Final to EU Stage V ensures that high-volume manufacturers and niche solution providers alike can sell their machines around the world. MAN Engines' compliance with current and future emission standards is due to its many years of experience with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems in the Group's own commercial vehicles and large-scale production of industrial engines. Thanks to the modular exhaust gas aftertreatment (AGN) system used and the ability to freely choose component positioning in all

MAN engines, flexible system integration is possible with a high degree of packing density. Sixteen different AGN variants enable machine manufacturers to make ideal use of the space in an item of equipment. As well as coming in useful for applications where space is essential, this also boosts compatibility and flexibility during engine installation. And there is no need to include the AGN and/or the diesel particulate filter for exhaust emission standards that differ on a regional and national level. This flexible system enables manufacturers of off-road machinery to offer their products around the world without having to change the installation conditions for their basic engines.

MAN Engines at Bauma trade fair

MAN Engines will be attending Bauma in Munich from 8 to 14 April 2019, and will be exhibiting its latest products at Booth 312 in Hall A4. This includes the world première of the D4276 and the newly launched D1556 for construction machinery. In addition, MAN Truck & Bus will be presenting more than 1,000 square metres of products and services for the construction site at Booth 325 in Hall B4.

About MAN Engines

MAN Engines is a business unit of MAN Truck & Bus AG that develops, produces and sells a wide range of efficient diesel and gas engines for a huge variety of applications in numerous industries. In addition to use in the Group's own trucks and buses/coaches, the high-speed MAN engines can be found in the commercial vehicles of third-party providers, in power generation and cogeneration systems, in drives for agricultural machinery, in rail, marine and special vehicles, and many others. The power of the MAN engines ranges from 37 kW to 1,471 kW (49 hp to 1,973 hp) in a selection that includes 4 and 6-cylinder series, as well as 8 and 12-cylinder V engines.

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