MAN Engines sets new standard with V12-2000 and V8-1300 yacht engines

The highest power density on the market: MAN V12-2000; the strongest V8 engine in the yacht sector: MAN V8-1300; world premier at the 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival

At the 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival, MAN Engines will debut two new innovations which stand out from their competitors due to their unique nature: MAN engineers have developed the V12-2000, which is the only twelve-cylinder V-engine with 2,000 hp (1,471 kW) to date, which generates enormous power from 24 litres of displacement. Likewise, the strongest V8 engine for yachts and sport fishing boats on the market is the newly introduced V8-1300, which puts forth 1,300 hp (956 kW) from 16 litres of displacement.

Both the V12-2000 and V8-1300 engines impress with extremely high power densities of 61 kW and 59 kW respectively per litre of displacement. The minimal space requirement and low weight spell out a clear advantage in terms of ship design, when compared to similarly powerful engines with larger displacement and more cylinders. This is because the installation dimensions of the V12-1900 and the V8-1200 - the formerly highest power levels - have been retained, as they were already compact. These dimensions are 2,159 x 1,153 x 1,272 mm (length x width x height) for the V12-2000, and 1,736 x 1,153 x 1,222 mm (length x width x height) for the V8-1300. The dry weights of 2,380 kg (V12-2000) and 1,880 kg (V8-1300) have also remained the same; through a power increase of both engines, this also contributes to a noticeably lower power/weight ratio of 1.62 kg/kW for the V12-2000, and 1.96 kg/kW for the V8-1300. “With the V12-2000 and the V8-1300 we have set a new benchmark for performance and compactness,” says Claus Benzler, Head of Marine MAN Engines, delighted.

Through a series of modifications, MAN engineers have managed a power increase of 100 hp (74 kW) respectively, compared to the previously most powerful V12 and V8 engines from their range. The performance-oriented design is supported by an improved injection system and new turbo charger. This is aided by newly developed cylinder heads and an adjusted cooling system which noticeably provides thermal relief for the engine with its high performance. Additionally, a new crankcase which has been reinforced in significant areas, ensures high performance throughout the entirety of the engine's long service life. Highly efficient combustion allows the V12-2000 and the V8-1300 to run quietly, as is typical for MAN Engines, and with low fuel consumption.

The V12-2000 offers customers the most powerful engine above the V12-1900, the previously most powerful engine, from the MAN Engines range. The superior engine performance allows shipyards to access additional possibilities for equipping larger ship series of around 100 feet with MAN engines. Additionally, as the most powerful V8 engine on the market, the V8-1300 makes it possible to integrate the highest-performing engines into existing applications. “Our MAN engines have always offered performance at the highest level. We currently stand out to a great extent in the market with the V12-2000 and the V8-1300, and will continue as such in the future,” says Benzler.

Both engines meet the currently applicable emissions requirements US EPA Tier 3 as well as IMO Tier II, and can thus be operated in all common and popular areas. With the introduction of both new engine types, MAN Engines offers a gap-free power range for yachts from 730 to 2,000 hp (539 to 1,471 kW) for V8 and V12 engines as well as the following inline six-cylinder engines: i6-730, i6-800, V8-1000, V8-1200, V8-1300, V12-1400, V12-1550, V12-1650, V12-1800, V12-1900 and V12-2000.

The V12-2000 and the V8-1300 can be viewed from 11 to 16 September 2018 at the Yachting Festival in Cannes on the Jetée 171 and 178 stands.

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MAN V12-2000, MAN V8-1300

  Unit V12-20001 V12-1900 V8-13001 V8-1200
Arrangement/number of cylinders   V12 V12 V8 V8
Bore mm 128 128 128 128
Stroke mm 157 157 157 157
Displacement l 24,24 24,24 16,16 16,16
Rated power kW
Rated speed rpm 2300 2300 2300 2300
Max. torque at rated speed Nm/rpm 6500/1200-2100 6200/1200-2100 4350/1200-2100 4010/1200-2100
Specific output kW/l 60,7 57,6 59,2 55,1
Engine length mm 2159 2139 1736 1736
Engine width mm 1153 1153 1153 1153
Engine height mm 1272 1272 1222 1222
Weight (dry) kg 2380 2365 1880 1880
Injection system   Common Rail Common Rail Common Rail Common Rail
Engine control unit   EDC17 EDC7 EDC17 EDC7
Exhaust status   EPA Tier 3 recreational, IMO Tier II, RCD 2013/53/EC, 97/68/EC EPA Tier 3 recreational, IMO Tier II, RCD 2013/53/EC, 97/68/EC EPA Tier 3 recreational, IMO Tier II, RCD 2013/53/EC, 97/68/EC EPA Tier 3 recreational, IMO Tier II, RCD 2013/53/EC, 97/68/EC
  1. preliminary technical data

As at: 31.07.2018