MAN Engines to equip 162 engines in 32 Alstom "Coradia Polyvalent" railcars

Prototypes delivered // Suitable for hot climates // Used in Algeria and Senegal

MAN Engines recently delivered the first of its D2676 LE264 diesel engines to the French rail vehicle manufacturer Alstom. The 6-cylinder in-line engines, each with 353 kW (480 hp) at 1,800 rpm, are suitable for the use in hot countries and will be installed in "Coradia Polyvalent" diesel railcars (Diesel Multiple Unit - DMU). The single-stage turbocharged and common rail engines are well adapted to withstand to local climatic conditions, like high external temperatures, humidity as well as sandy and dusty environments. As in the conventional Coradia Regiolis, the engines are mounted on the roof, thus enabling easier access for maintenance work. This also increases passenger comfort at the same time, thanks to the space gained in the low-floor area.

102 units of the robust MAN engines will be fitted in 17 railcars for SNTF, the Algerian National Company for Rail Transport, which will then connect the capital city of Algiers with other major cities across the country. A further 60 engines will be installed in 15 railcars destined for use in Senegal to connect the new airport and the city of Dakar. The first trains are due to begin operation in the spring 2018 in Algeria.