MAN Individual replaces Truck Modification


In the spring of 2019, MAN Truck & Bus AG pooled its modification activities for trucks, buses and vans under the banner MAN Individual. This ranges from diverse industry-specific truck modifications to the cab, chassis and driveline to tailored preparations for body manufacturers right through to customised special equipment and complete solutions for bus and van.

  • MAN Individual is pooling the activities of the MAN Truck Modification Center and Bus Modification Center at the Munich, Steyr, Wittlich and Plauen sites
  • MAN Individual is providing tailored modifications and vehicle refinements for trucks, buses and vans
  • MAN Individual is a one-stop shop for competence with a single invoice
  • Broad palette of vehicle-refining customisation options for both interior and exterior
  • The "MAN Individual" plaque is visibly attached to the instrument panel when making use of the comprehensive range of vehicle refinement options

The requirements placed on freight transport and the vehicles involved in it are extremely varied. Despite the high degree of model diversity of the commercial vehicles series-produced at MAN, the demand for special custom products which differ from the standard series vehicles is increasing. An enhanced driver's workplace and an exclusive design of the interior help operators to acquire employees and tie them to the company for the long term in times of increasing driver shortages. Owner drivers and smaller companies in particular are interested in the customisation and refinement of the interior and exterior of their trucks. They therefore express their pride through their vehicle, make their company unmistakeable and ensure a high degree of recognition amongst their customers.

MAN Individual addresses all of these technical requirements and emotional motivations and offers customised solutions for the special wishes of the customers. For the customer, the value-added in particular is in the implementation – a one-stop shop with a single invoice. A contact person supports the customer from the drawing up of the quote to the design right through to production, quality assurance and delivery. At the same time, the customers benefit from the usual great quality of service from MAN, as well as the guarantee and warranty. Vehicle servicing is possible in every MAN branch.

Demand is constantly growing. From some 2,000 modified trucks per year previously, the number grew in 2017 to over 4,500 trucks; and in 2018 to around 6,000 units. And the trend is pointing to further increases in the coming year.

Now as MAN Individual

In the spring of 2019, MAN pooled its modification activities for trucks, buses and vans under the banner MAN Individual. The modifications occur at the sites Munich, Plauen and Wittlich in Germany and Steyr in Austria. A visual indicator in the vehicle is the MAN Individual plaque, which is attached to the instrument panel in the cab; but only if the focus is on the vehicle refinement and this includes either the seat design and/or the installation of built-in storage units.


Truck modifications to the cab

With modifications to driver’s cabs, the focus is on extensions or conversions in the form of flat roofs, roof recesses or sloping roofs. Customers have been obtaining the crew cab on MAN TGS through MAN Individual since 2018. Previously, this was only available ex works for the TGL and TGM series.

C-cabin extensions are often commissioned by municipal services, disaster protection organisations and fire brigades to expand the space available in the interior. The GRP moulded part used instead of the rear wall of the driver’s cab offers around 265 millimetres of extra space.

The construction of crew cabins made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) for a crew of nine staff is of huge importance when it comes to emergency services vehicles for fire brigades, first responders and disaster protection services. The doors are raised to the edge of the roof for safe entry and exit. MAN put this crew cabin through comprehensive crash tests before it went into mass production. It has been awarded the ECE R29 test certificate for the protection of cab occupants.

The comprehensive MAN Individual product range includes numerous additional modifications such as the halving of the cab for transporting long materials, wide-ranging driver's cab glazing, the installation of bench seats, swivel seats and driving school equipment. MAN Individual can also offer a complete range of equipment for emergency services vehicles, such as the installation of special signalling devices, radios, a third seat in the driver’s cab and storage boxes on the frame.

An additional field of expertise of MAN Individual is in refining the interiors and exteriors of vehicles. The attaching of stainless steel brackets on the front, roof and sides, special decals and wraps and customised vehicle lighting all ensure for a unique look. In the interior, customers have the option of expanding their storage space by installing a wall unit in the rear wall of the XLX and XXL cabs. If required, a microwave, coffee machine, kettle or fold-out 15.6" LED flat screen can be integrated into the built-in storage units. MAN Individual offers leather furnishings, special designs and decals.

Truck modifications to the chassis

With the chassis prepared to industry requirements by MAN Individual, body manufacturers are spared costly modifications and can address special customer requirements with considerably more ease. On the chassis, the main requests involve making modifications to the wheelbases, shortening and offsetting frame overhangs, mounting additional axles and steered rear axles, reinforcing or offsetting the frame, as well as adding and adjusting attachments on the frame. Especially on municipal works vehicles, low-lying equipment boxes or units mounted on the frame (such as brushes and suction shafts on sweepers) mean that the battery boxes, fuel tanks or compressed-air tanks that would otherwise be mounted there need to be relocated. Similar is required on milk tankers and petrol tankers. The MAN chassis delivered to the body manufacturers receive a large open space on the right side of the frame for installing metering cabinets and conveying systems. Automotive logistics also places special requirements on the MAN chassis. In order to transport cars on multiple levels while complying with statutory height specifications, in addition to the cab conversions with flat and sloping roofs, the addition of a lifting leading axle – often with a smaller wheel size – and the routing of battery boxes and the installation of special fuel tanks are also required. For semitrailer tractors on journeys carrying sensitive payloads such as fuel, MAN Individual offers weight-optimising measures. The installation of a BDF swap chassis for container transport is also available from MAN Individual.

Truck modifications to the driveline

On the driveline, the standard gearbox can be replaced by a converter automatic gearbox or PTOs can be adjusted. For special applications such as sweepers, waste collection vehicles or suction dredgers, MAN Individual offers appropriately designed reduction gears for the driveline. The structures required by power take-offs for their working capacity and creeper units for the work implementation are diverse. The installation of retarders is also demanded.

Tailored, customised solutions also for buses and vans

MAN Individual also offers high-quality special tailored equipment and complete solutions for buses and vans. From innovative infotainment systems, special lighting designs and convenient seat arrangements with high-quality seating, stylishly designed kitchen and sanitary facilities, right through to team buses or luxury hotels on wheels – everything is possible with MAN Individual. With MAN Individual, the MAN TGE is also converted into, for example, minibuses, mobile offices or emergency services vehicles of disaster protection organisations and fire brigades according to special customer requirements.