MAN TGX delivered the Russia`s Main Christmas Tree to the Kremlin


It has been a good tradition for many years now to open the magical holiday in Russia with the Kremlin Christmas Tree. InSpecCom Ltd. has been delivering the Russia's Main Christmas Tree to the Kremlin`s Cathedral Square for over 10 years now. The New Year's beauty has been carefully transported with the help of brilliant orange MAN TGX.

A 100-year-old 27-meter fir-tree with a diameter of 60 centimeters was intricately cut down near the village of Yeremino, located about 40 km north of Moscow. The unique operation for the delivery of Christmas Tree to the Kremlin is being prepared for a long time with attention to detail. The long haul truck, the total length of which is close to 40 meters, has to travel several dozen kilometers on the roads of the Moscow region and maneuver on snow-covered streets of the Russian capital`s downtown. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with its main components ABS and ASR help to ensure safe and careful transportation.

MAN TGX 33.540 successfully delivered the Kremlin Christmas Tree on the night of December 18, exactly at 10pm under the chime of bells. Santa Claus was traditionally driving the long haul truck.

In Moscow the Christmas celebrations start on December 22nd and reach their climax on New Year’s Eve with several Christmas Tree festivals throughout the city.