MAN TopUsed: Used Vehicles with Tried and Tested Quality


MAN TopUsed is now extending its seal of approval to used buses. This classification for comprehensively certified used buses will benefit customers purchasing a vehicle by assuring the highest levels of safety, reliability and transparency.

  • Classification of tested used buses into three categories helps to guide customers as they choose a vehicle
  • Sorted by age, mileage and condition
  • Plus a guarantee for the driveline, depending on category


Can you tell what state of repair a used bus is really in at first glance? Until you get down to the details, it is very tricky. That is where the new MAN TopUsed seal of approval comes in, making it especially simple and safe for used vehicle customers to select a bus that meets their needs perfectly. “This label is only given to vehicles that are put through their paces by our bus experts and guaranteed to meet numerous criteria,” explains Erik Boere, Head of Used Bus & Coach at MAN Truck & Bus. The technical checks are based on stringent standards. This means that buyers can expect the highest degree of reliability and high-quality used vehicles with lasting value.

The separate categories also ensure transparency: the label is issued for one-star, two-star and three-star vehicles. “The categorisation makes it easier for prospective customers to compare the different buses with one another. They also get a quick overview of the vehicles that match their goals and budget,” Boere says. Three stars are awarded only to MAN and NEOPLAN used buses that are at most four years of age, with a mileage under 400,000 kilometres and tyres with a profile of at least six millimetres. The statutory inspections (general inspection or safety testing) are a new aspect. On top of this, there is a twelve-month MAN TopUsed extended warranty on the driveline and – where applicable – a MAN and NEOPLAN Card. An inspection or maintenance process and premium reconditioning round off the three-star package.

Two stars are given to MAN and NEOPLAN vehicles that are no older than six years, have driven a maximum of 600,000 kilometres, and have tyres with a profile of at least four millimetres. Upon request, buyers can obtain a twelve-month MAN TopUsed extended warranty for the driveline. In addition – where available – a MAN or NEOPLAN Card is included and the statutory inspections remain valid for at least three months. The two-star buses also get high-quality visual treatment.

Vehicles made by any manufacturer that are road-safe and have undergone basic cleaning receive one star, as long as they are up to MAN TopUsed standards.

MAN TopUsed offers a wide range of used commercial vehicles, from semi-trailer tractors and vans to trucks and buses. Alongside MAN commercial vehicles, the selection also includes used vehicles from a range of other manufacturers. “The label, which is a sign of compliance with stringent standards – including for safety and quality – allows us to offer our customers another important service in terms of vehicle purchasing,” Erik Boere concludes. The seal will initially be rolled out in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Poland.