MAN’s new, digital pre-drive check makes life easier for drivers and fleet managers


MAN Truck & Bus has made fundamental design changes to the “pre-drive check” tool on the MAN Driver App. Drivers are now guided through the pre-drive check process step-by-step using a checklist. MAN and the German employers’ liability insurance association for the transport, postal logistics and telecommunications industries came to an agreement on the scope of truck and trailer components to be checked.

  • Available now free of charge and in 16 languages
  • Graphical depiction of vehicle
  • Digital checklist for pre-drive check

It is often perceived as a nuisance, but rules are rules: The pre-drive check. Before setting off on a journey, every truck driver must inspect their vehicle to ensure it is in good working order. The purpose of this provision is clear: Legislators want to ensure that all trucks on the road are in flawless condition in order to prevent accidents from occurring. The key word here being accident. If an accident involving a truck is the result of a technical issue, the fleet manager is obliged to prove that the pre-drive check was carried out on the truck involved. Having the new, digital pre-drive check on the MAN Driver App not only simplifies and professionalises day-to-day work for truck drivers – it also assists fleet managers.

What is particularly special about the new pre-drive check app is the checklist, which guides the driver through all of the elements of the vehicle and the cab that need to be inspected. To this end, MAN worked closely with customers, MAN ProfiDrive® and the employers’ liability insurance association for the transport, postal logistics and telecommunications industries to address all the content in the ideal manner and in line with regulations.

The first step of the pre-drive check is to identify the vehicle. This can be carried out using the VIN (vehicle identification number) – simply by scanning it with a smartphone – or the driver can select the vehicle from the list if it has already been registered. What’s more, if a trailer has been attached, this can also be included. The checklist that is then displayed guides the driver through the cab and around the vehicle, explaining in detail at each stage which components are to be checked and how.

If a part is damaged or faulty, the graphical depiction of the vehicle will assist the driver. The driver can use the graphical depiction to identify the specific part and easily share the nature of the damage with the fleet manager using the fault descriptions stored in the system. The fact that the driver can read and select the fault descriptions in their own language and the fleet manager can receive them in the language they have selected is extremely useful. This is made possible by the fact that the pre-drive check app is available in 16 European languages. In addition, the driver has the option to add images using their smartphone, share their location and sign the pre-drive check.

The fleet manager has the option of forwarding the details of any damage to the vehicle straight to their MAN service team so they can ensure that the damage is repaired swiftly. If any enquiries are received from the authorities, the fleet manager is also able to download and print a PDF with the pre-drive checks from the RIO platform, allowing them to document the checks in a straightforward manner.

The user-friendliness of the app and comprehensive documentation of pre-drive checks make this new application a shining example of effective digital transformation. The driver can carry out the pre-drive check without logging in. However, to make use of all the other functions, such as the ability to send pre-drive check reports to the fleet manager or to transfer a vehicle digitally within the organisation, a RIO box and a RIO login are required. The RIO box has been a standard equipment feature in MAN trucks since August 2017.

MAN Truck & Bus unveiled the new MAN Driver App at the 2018 International Motor Show in Hanover, Germany. In addition to the pre-drive check, the app features the MAN Dealership Search, a breakdown assistance call system, a brief instruction manual and new features for drivers from the Trucker’s World portal. The Driver App is available free of charge on iOS and Android smartphone operating systems.