State-of-the-art short-distance public transport for Manila


Fröhlich Tours will soon be servicing a non-stop route with MAN Low Entry buses.

The yellow buses stand out in Manila. Not just because of their colour, but also because of the particular levels of convenience they provide to the population of the Philippines' capital. This is because Fröhlich Tours was the first local company to order the new Low Entry bus of body manufacturer Almazora which was introduced at the end of 2015 and is based on the MAN A84 chassis, along with additional MAN RC2 chassis units featuring Gemilang (Malaysia) bodies. Throughout the course of the year, the delivery of a total of 65 buses is anticipated, all of which will be deployed on newly-introduced direct routes in Manila.

Thanks to this new, non-stop routes, users are provided with a faster and more convenient way of moving around the city. As a result, the routes are fully in line with the government's efforts to generally improve short-distance public transport throughout the Philippines. Fröhlich Tours has been successfully operating throughout the island nation since 2012 and the company is now also set to dominate the capital's short-distance public transport scene.

The order includes vehicles with Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines, automatic gearbox and kneeling function. The city buses are also equipped with folding ramps and a wheelchair space to facilitate their use by persons with reduced mobility. The development was promoted as a joint effort between MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific and the local importer and resulted in a customer presentation of a modern LE bus prototype at the end of 2015. It was not long until Fröhlich Tours struck a deal. "I am delighted that we are contributing to the initiative to improve short-distance public transport with our products, by means of providing modern, efficient and environmentally friendly transport solutions", Christian Schuf, Head of Bus Sales at MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific, underlines.

  Fröhlich Tours is servicing a new direct route in Manila with 65 Low Entry buses based on the MAN RC2 chassis.
  Christopher Bauer, CEO at Fröhlich Tours in Manila, is delighted to contribute to improving short-distance public transport in Manila.