Traveling like royalty in the Kingdom of Thailand


Transport Company Ltd. in Thailand operates 38 new coaches built-up on MAN | The coaches are built on MAN R37 24.460 HOCLN-R chassis with state-of-the-art technology and driving assistant systems

Buses are a popular mode of transport in Thailand, for backpackers and locals alike. Transport Company Ltd. will get them safely to their destinations, amongst others also with one of its 38 new coaches based on MAN high-floor chassis.

From Bangkok to Mae-Sot, to Mukdahan in the north-east or to Phuket in the south – buses are among the most popular modes of transport in Thailand, a fact reflected by an accordingly well-developed route network. The provinces and cities of the country are connected by the buses of the state-owned Transport Company Ltd.. The bus company has recently put 38 new coaches into operation in order to provide their passengers with maximum comfort and safety, even during long journeys. The coaches are based on the MAN R37 24.460 HOCLN-R three-axle chassis and have been produced in cooperation with a local Thai body manufacturer.

“This project enabled us to create a convincing reference case with regard to future orders from Thai transport companies,” emphasises Christian Schuf, Head of Bus Sales at MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific.

The MAN R37 24.460 HOCLN-R chassis is powered by a commonrail engine with 460 HP (338 kW). The automated 12-speed MAN TipMatic Coach transmission reduces fuel consumption and together with the steered tag axle facilitates manoeuvring for the driver, introducing new standards in the market. These intercity buses are clean, quiet and fuel-saving vehicles that protect residents and the environment. Safety and comfort are ensured by the electronic brake system (EBS) with ABS and ASR, the retarder fitted as standard and the electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS).

The 42 ergonomically designed individual seats offer comfort and legroom ensuring that even after long journeys passengers reach their destination feeling relaxed.