MAN goes with SCR for Tier 4 final at outputs over 560 kW in agricultural and construction sectors

MAN Truck & Bus will be presenting the efficient D2862 LE121 diesel engine for applications in the agricultural and construction sectors at the Intermat 2012 exhibition in Paris. This provides an engine-internal basis for compliance with the emission standard Tier 4 final for outputs over 560 kW. With SCR (selective catalytic reduction), MAN is putting its trust in an exhaust-gas aftertreatment system that has proven itself in series operation.

The D2862 is a fixed point in the agricultural business and with many hundreds sold, is tried and trusted in operation all over the world: the most powerful field chopper in the world today, the BigX 1100 from Krone, uses this efficient and powerful MAN twelve-cylinder engine. MAN's D2862 V12 engine was also decisive in the Claas Jaguar 980 field chopper being honoured with the "Machine of the Year” award. The V12 engine is designed to be compact and deliver high performance, outputting 793 kW (1,078 hp) at a weight of 1,820 kg with the most economical fuel consumption.

Ideal basis for Tier 4 final

In order to comply with various emission standards around the world for the power-output class over 560 kW, the future MAN D2862 will have a customer-friendly modular concept for exhaust-gas aftertreatment. Due to this modular structure, the engines comply with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Tier 3 to Tier 4 final from 2015 on. What is modular here is the exhaust-gas aftertreatment system - the basic engine remains the same. Benefitting the machine manufacturers, the interfaces are identical while the engines themselves are technically state-of-the-art and are especially configured to meet market requirements. Thanks to the perfect interaction between components, raw emissions within the engine itself are kept very low. "The current D2862 represents cutting-edge technology and is thus the outstanding basis for the Tier 4 final development. Using this almost unchanged basic engine, we are able to achieve emission targets with the SCR system as a mounted solution. This enables different engine applications for differing emission requirements to be realised more straightforwardly. Moreover, the system is impervious to sulphur in the fuel," says Otto Schnitzer, Vice President Engineering External Engines at MAN Truck & Bus.

Tailor-made exhaust technology thanks to modular construction

MAN covers the entire output range from 110 kW to 882 kW (150 hp to 1,200 hp) with various key technologies. Amongst these are common-rail systems, cooled exhaust-gas recirculation, dynamic turbocharger systems depending on output class, SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology and optional diesel particulate filters (DPF). Their modular configuration permits operation in accordance with the exhaust-gas standards and power requirements demanded by the market. Machine manufacturers benefit in that they have to design their equipment for operation in different markets - with identical interfaces - only once.

Technology transfer through many years' experience

MAN has already been employing the key technologies necessary for meeting the stringent Tier 4 final standard in its commercial vehicles successfully for many years. The more than one hundred thousand engines installed in the trucks and buses sold by the company every year offer synergies for technology transfer. SCR, for example, has been standard in trucks since 2005. At its Engine Competence Center in Nuremberg, MAN develops, designs, manufactures and sells gas and diesel engines with outputs ranging from 37 kW to 1,324 kW (50 hp to 1,800 hp) for the most varied of applications. Of central importance in the development of these engines have always been the customers' requirements with regard to the economy, power density and reliability of the drives. The efficient engines from MAN Truck & Bus are distinguished for their optimal fuel consumption and the minimal servicing effort they require. The commercial vehicles and engine manufacturer from Munich has rigorously followed the objective of complying with emission levels while improving fuel consumption. Simultaneously, the company's engineers have developed the engines demanded by the market, with ever-increasing dynamics and power density.

MAN Truck & Bus range of diesel engines for industrial applications

MAN offers efficient diesel engines for agricultural technology, construction machinery and mobile cranes, as well as for machines for materials handling and environmental technology. Power outputs range from 110 kW to 882 kW (150 hp to 1,200 hp) in numerous power gradings with a high torque increase and a flat torque curve at low engine speeds. The technology company thus offers the right design for every drive train. At the same time, a modular engine concept is available for the four- and six-cylinder in-line engines as well as for the V8 and V12 engines. Its use of different key technologies enables compliance with exhaust-gas standards around the world by means of a single engine design. All MAN engines are outstanding for their unbeatable reliability in light-, medium- and heavy-duty operation. Their significant advantage lies in their dynamic delivery of power at extremely economical consumption.