New 12 and 6-cylinder engines for agricultural technology from MAN in EU Stage IV and US Tier 4 final

12-cylinder D2862 LE13x with 5,000 Nm maximum torque | 6-cylinder D3876 LE12x is now compacter and lighter than its predecessor

MAN Engines will present its D2862 LE13x 12-cylinder engine and its D3876 LE12x 6-cylinder engine for use in agricultural technology applications at the Agritechnica in Hanover. Both engines comply with the strict emissions standard Tier 4 final and are ready for EU Stage V. Moreover, they offer a considerably more dynamic performance characteristic than their previous models when used in agricultural tractors and self-propelled harvesters. Both series are based on the latest MAN series, meaning that machine manufacturers will have access to them in the long term even beyond EU Stage V.

The MAN D2862 LE13x has a power range of 588 to 816 kW (800 to 1,110 hp) and is available in power outputs of 588, 650, 750 and 816 kW (800, 884, 1,020 and 1,110 hp). Thanks to a cylinder bore of 128 mm and a stroke of 157 mm, the 12-cylinder engine from MAN offers 24.24 L of capacity. As a result, the unit, fitted with a wastegate turbo charger, generates an incredible maximum torque of 3,750 to 5,000 Nm between 1,300 and 1,400 rpm for installation in forage harvesters, for example. Compact installation dimensions of 1,660 x 1,333 x 1,391 mm (L x B x H) and a modular exhaust gas aftertreatment system with freely positionable single components offer machine manufacturers the highest level of flexibility when designing system installations. To comply with emission standard Tier 4 final and EU Stage V, the MAN D2862 LE13x uses "SCR only" technology (selective catalytic reduction) without exhaust gas recirculation.

The D3876 LE12x 6-cylinder engine from MAN offers a power spectrum of 415, 450 and 485 kW (565, 612 and 660 hp) in three power outputs. A 138 mm bore and a stroke of 170 mm create 15.26 litres of capacity. Consequently, the 6-cylinder engine offers a maximum torque of 2,700 to 3,000 Nm between 1,050 and 1,450 rpm, and therefore sufficient power for large tractors or harvesters. A Common Rail injection system with 2,500 bar creates a high level of pressure and therefore improves fuel injection control in the combustion chamber, resulting in lower fuel consumption and improved emissions. At 1,462 x 940 x 747 mm (L x B x H) and with a dry weight of 1,337 kg, the MAN D3876 LE12x is more compact and lighter than its predecessor, the D2868 LE12x, at a comparable output. Thanks to the VTG (variable turbine geometry) turbo charger, the powerful 6-cylinder engine provides maximum output and torque across a wide range of engine speeds. The new MAN engine complies with the emissions standard US Tier 4 final through exhaust gas recirculation and an SCR catalytic converter. Moreover, the engine is already prepared for EU Stage V. The D3876 LE12x is based on the mass produced unit used in the most powerful MAN truck that we presented for the first time in 2014 at the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge and which has since met with success on the market.

In general, a high percentage of identical components and component groups in all MAN engines result in lower servicing costs and make it easier to perform maintenance work. At the same time, as a well-experienced expert in off-road engine construction, MAN Engines places great value on further developing its units to suit particular applications specially for agricultural technology. Amongst other things, this also includes making adjustments to the oil sump for maximum inclined positions, the general durability of components in resisting dust, organic material and heat, plus the design of the engine electronics based on the 12 V vehicle electronics commonly used in agricultural technology.

This year, MAN Engines is attending the Agritechnica trade fair in Hanover from 8 to 14 November 2015. It will be presenting in hall 17 at stand D52 as a supplier of engines for agricultural machines and power generation (biogas plants and combined heat and power). In addition to engines and trucks from MAN Truck & Bus AG, products from Volkswagen Powersystems will also be on display.