Reliable travelling with MAN extended warranties

Reliable travelling with MAN extended warranties

THE WAY PEOPLE TRAVEL – this is the motto under which MAN and NEOPLAN buses transport their passengers safely and reliably to their destinations. In this regard, MAN supports the bus operator by offering extended warranties that go way beyond the ex works guarantee on the new vehicle. MAN Services orientates its range of extended warranties to the customers' needs. The offer includes a variety of extended warranties for MAN and NEOPLAN buses, covering the entire vehicle, the driveline or just specific units. This is advantageous to bus operators in several ways: they are able to keep an eye on costs and their cost planning will not be upset by unexpected expenses for repairs. Depending on the bus model, the warranty can be extended to as long as 72 months. It goes without saying that any repairs that may be necessary will be carried out by MAN Service outlets and authorised partners using genuine MAN spare parts.

The MAN extended warranty package can be configured to suit each bus operator's specific requirements. The basic package is an extended warranty on the entire vehicle or the driveline. In the case of the entire vehicle, the complete coverage provided by the manufacturer's guarantee from MAN or NEOPLAN continues uninterrupted. The period of cover is 24 months irrespective of mileage or up to 48 months with a maximum annual mileage of 150,000 kilometres. The extended warranty on tourist coach and intercity bus drivelines is available for up to 60 months, for city buses up to 72 months. It includes components of the engine, transmission, rear axle and propshaft. The variable building blocks that bus operators can select to supplement the packages provide more flexibility, more certainty and greater cost transparency. They include, for example, warranties covering coolant hoses, paintwork and adhesive bonding, flooring and control and various other units. MAN recommends combining extended warranties with MAN Service agreements to ensure that the bus is reliably cared for and maintained.

With its extended warranties way beyond the ex works guarantee on the new vehicle, MAN offers bus operators cost transparency and certainty. Moreover, MAN's extended warranties ensure that the value of the bus is maintained and increase its resale value.