A major order for MAN Truck & Bus Ukraine: Trans-Service-1 orders 50 new MAN TGX 18.460 vehicles


Leading Ukrainian tanker transport company, Trans-Service-1 LTD, is expanding their fleet // MAN trucks impress with their efficiency and reliability // The order for 50 MAN TGX 18.460 Euro 6 models represents one of the largest orders for MAN Truck & Bus Ukraine to date

If a customer chooses the same product again and again, it must be because they have been won over by the quality. This is why Marc Martinez, the Managing Director at MAN Truck & Bus Ukraine at the time, was so very pleased with the most recent contract signed with Trans-Service-1. “In 2017, Trans-Service-1 updated their fleet with 50 MAN TGX 18.440 vehicles, and after around 18 months of use, their management team was so impressed by the efficiency and reliability of these vehicles that they ordered an additional 50 MAN TGX 18.460 vehicles with the new Euro 6 driveline.” This makes the repeat order one of the most comprehensive fleet orders since the existence of MAN Truck & Bus in Ukraine.

The 460-hp semitrailer tractors are particularly economical on the road as they are equipped with EfficientLine 3 with the Aero spoiler package and the EfficientRoll free-wheeling function. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and the advanced emergency braking system (EBA2) ensure a safe journey. The comfort driver’s seat as well as the revamped cab interior (which has been available since 2018) offer the driver a high level of comfort at work and a feeling of well-being. In conjunction with the navigation function, the MAN Media Truck Advanced multimedia system with its large 7-inch colour display ensures reliable deliveries and adherence to schedules thanks to effective route guidance and a very easy-to-use radio and hands-free phone system. This is complemented by numerous other useful multimedia applications that a driver might need in their day-to-day work. As Trans-Service-1 will be using these vehicles to transport sunflower oil, they also come with the specified dangerous goods equipment for this purpose.

Nowadays, Trans-Service-1 LTD is one of the leading logistics companies in Ukraine. It was originally founded 15 years ago as a dedicated transport company for the cooking oil producer, Oliyar, in order to transport raw goods for sunflower oil production as well as finished products. Due to increasing demand from third parties for transport services, Trans-Service-1 LTD developed into an independent business branch which currently owns a fleet of 600 vehicles and offers transport services with specialised tankers, tipper bodies and curtain-sided trucks.