Blok ‘N’ Mesh supplies fencing with 26 new MAN vehicles


Blok ‘N’ Mesh, one of the UK's leading manufacturers and installers of fencing, barriers and traffic management systems, has put 26 new MAN TGL and TGM series vehicles into service.

  • They have bought six TGL 8.190 and 20 TGM 18.250 vehicles
  • Delivery within seven months
  • EUR 2.5 million investment


Blok ‘N’ Mesh, based in Knowsley in the UK, has taken delivery of six new 7.5-tonne MAN TGL 8.190 vehicles as well as 20 new MAN TGM 18.250 vehicles. All of the vehicles are equipped with flatbed platform bodies for transporting fencing, barriers and traffic management systems. The 18-tonne vehicles feature Hiab X-HiDuo 158 loading cranes.

Two of the new MAN TGM trucks have the long L cab with a comfortable bed as standard. For all of the other vehicles, Blok ‘N’ Mesh chose the short C cab – which, with its width of 2.24 metres, is still spacious – for regional deliveries. The utmost safety is ensured in all of the vehicles by modern safety systems such as turn assist, a blind-spot camera, rear-view cameras and a front camera. The latter transmits a live image to Block ‘N’ Mesh’s office. The safety equipment of the 20 new TGM 18-tonne vehicles is complemented by revolving beacons at the front and rear, as well as the Hiab Boom Deployment Assistant System (BDA), which prevents the driver from moving the vehicle when the crane is not in its transport position.

All of the company’s new vehicles are equipped with the MAN Fleet Management telematics system, which guarantees even greater efficiency for these Blok ‘N’ Mesh vehicles. MAN Fleet Management provides the operator with a comprehensive fleet management package consisting of hardware and software. This includes not only vehicle tracking, but also numerous other functions, such as detailed driver reports or a check of the vehicle status. This data can also be called up via the MAN Fleet Management app.

“This upgrade of a significant part of our fleet takes advantage of the benefits that new MAN vehicles offer,” says Chris Maclean, Transport Logistics Director at Blok ‘N’ Mesh. “Early feedback, in terms of efficiency, support and driver comfort, is extremely positive.”

Blok ‘N’ Mesh, which was founded more than 30 years ago in Liverpool, doesn't just supply the construction industry in the UK with site fencing, screen fences and traffic management systems. Products from Blok ‘N’ Mesh can also be found on construction sites outside of the UK due to several sites in Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg.