HOYER Petrolog acquires 89 MAN TGS semitrailer tractors for tankers in the UK


Taking delivery of 89 MAN semitrailer tractors in October 2018, petroleum logistics company HOYER Petrolog made a net addition of 14 vehicles to its fleet, while replacing 75 older units.

  • 85 TGS 24.420 semitrailer tractor combinations with M cabs and 4 with cabs of extended length
  • Three- and five-year repair and maintenance contracts

The 89 new MAN TGS 24.420s will operate in HOYER Petrolog’s roughly 500-unit-strong fleet of vehicles in the UK, which is spread across 37 locations. They are to be serviced and maintained by MAN dealers, who span the length and breadth of the country.

All four- and six-wheel MAN TGS and TGX tractor units and chassis in the HOYER Petrolog fleet received a two-year MAN “Relax” maintenance and service contract, which covers 300,000 km as well as replacement lights and fluid changes. In addition, all MAN TGS models are protected by the standard warranty for three years and mileage of up to 450,000 km.

Allan Davison, operations director of HOYER Petrolog in the UK, said: “We are delighted to be bringing in new vehicles to replace our older tractor units and additional vehicles to support our growing aviation and ground fuels business and, in doing so, continuing our longstanding relationship with MAN.”

The HOYER Group is an international company that has had a base in the UK since 1974 and has become a market leader in petroleum logistics. The company has also established itself in the bitumen, chemical, food and gas transportation markets.