Luxury club on wheels: BMC transforms Lion's City into an exclusive discobus


Party fun at 18 metres: The MAN Bus Modification Centre has converted a MAN Lion's City GL into a high-class wheeled club. Around 50 people can dance, drink and party here.

  • Integrated bar with three refrigerators and dispenser
  • Innovative lighting concept with LED pixel strip technology and individually recordable ceiling panels
  • Retractable awning for static use


When night falls, it’s time for the show. But even during the daytime, the special MAN Lion's City GL is a thing of wonder. The MAN Bus Modification Centre has developed the city bus as an exclusive disco lounge - with everything that goes with it: Complete with a stylish bar. The counter, which has a swing door, conceals three refrigerators and a beer dispenser including a beer keg cooler, meaning that there are always perfectly tempered drinks for the guests. It also houses the DJ console, which controls the high-end sound system with built-in speakers, subwoofers and removable outdoor speakers.

Party guests can dance away to the DJ’s jams on the spacious dance floor in the middle section of the bus. If you want to take it easy, take a seat in the cosy rear lounge or in one of the many sitting areas. "We focussed on organic forms when designing the bus. The dynamic and powerful curves are especially noticeable,” said Heinz Kiess, Head of Sales & Marketing at the MAN Bus Modification Centre in Plauen.

Magnetic glass holders have been integrated, so that drinks can be safely put down while driving. The handrails, which branch out artfully upwards, are particularly striking. "It was important to us to creatively showcase such standard elements and thus create visual highlights," emphasised Kiess. Furthermore, the bus has a luxury WC.

The lighting designers and developers kept their focus on individual and unique solutions: The exclusive concept with LED pixel strip technology and surrounding LED lights in the lounge creates fascinating effects. The bus ceiling reflects the party lights. The elements are individually controllable, creating an impressive light show to match the rhythm of the music. The hi-fi system with 5 x 700 watt loudspeaker power has been specially developed for the bus and has been adapted to the vehicle conditions by an acoustician. The rear of the vehicle houses two 5 kW charging inverters that provide the energy for the light and sound system, a wireless router, two lithium-ion batteries and a battery management system.

The disco bus is also equipped with a social media monitor with fisheye camera. Guests can not only take pictures but also instantly share them on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Overall, the 18.75-metre-long articulated bus can accommodate around 45 passengers. The EBS electronic brake system with ABS and ASR as well as the electronic stability ESP programme ensures their safety and comfort. The MAN Lion's City has a Euro 6 engine with 310 hp (228 kW).

The MAN Lion's City GL has been ordered by the Sales-Lentz Group based in Luxembourg, which intends to use the extraordinary vehicle for events and parties in the business and private sectors. If the bus is used as an event location at a fixed location, it is possible to extend the electric awnings and thus design the outdoor area. "The Discobus will certainly attract attention," Kiess is sure. "Its equipment and structure makes it unique in Europe."