MAN due to publish a completely revised edition of the textbook "Principles of Commercial Vehicle Technology


The fourth edition of the reference book contains 578 pages and will be published at the end of May 2016, with expanded content and integrated digital features.

<img alt="" src="https://s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/presspage-production-content/uploads/2341/G_MAN_Textbook_Cover-101151.jpg" technology"="" vehicle="" commercial="" of="" principles="" data-cke-saved-src="https://s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/presspage-production-content/uploads/2341/G_MAN_Textbook_Cover-101151.jpg"> The fourth edition of the textbook "Principles of Commercial Vehicle Technology" will be published at the end of May 2016, with expanded content and integrated digital features.

MAN engineers have been shaping the development of commercial vehicles for over 100 years. This knowledge and experience forms the basis for the handbook "Principles of Commercial Vehicle Technology", which has become established as an important reference work for commercial vehicle technology over the past few years. Using a range of illustrations, graphics and tables, "Principles of Commercial Vehicle Technology" conveys the basics of truck and bus technology for the practical work of trainers, engineers, drivers, experts, motor traffic technicians and fleet managers.

Subsequent to the success of the third edition in 2007, technological advancement has now made a new edition necessary. The fourth revised edition has been expanded to include current technical highlights, such as the MAN D3876 engine and the Turbo EVBec engine brake as well as assistance systems, such as GPS-supported cruise control or Emergency Brake Assist. The chapter on bus/coach technology has been significantly expanded. "Future Technologies" is a completely new chapter highlighting various spheres of activity for the design of future mobility.

Complementary digital content

In the age of laptops and smartphones, digitalisation plays a large role in the publication of a printed reference book. This is why MAN has now expanded the print edition with complementary digital content for the first time. The reader can access films and animations via corresponding QR codes that explain selected technical matters and complex commercial vehicle technologies with particular clarity. These films are also here available. The comprehensive 578-page book also includes a digital version on USB, with all chapters prepared in a user-friendly way and featuring bookmarks for easy navigation.

The book (ISBN no.: 978-3-7812-1972-4) will be available in bookshops and online from 20th May 2016 and will cost 94 euros. The dictionary will be available for an early bird special price of 89 euros until 30th June, and can be purchased at www.nutzfahrzeugtechnik-lehrbuch.man.