MAN Trucknology® Days 2017: Connected Performance


The main focuses of the three-day MAN Trucknology Days event were the innovations introduced on MAN trucks at the start of the year. At its in-house exhibition, MAN made around 170 vehicles from many different sectors available to view and drive.

  • MAN exhibited its industry expertise in long-haul transport, urban distribution transport, construction, heavy-duty transport, forestry & agriculture and municipal & fire brigade services
  • MAN TGE for the first time at the Trucknology Days
  • 91 exhibitors
  • 7,000 visitors over three days

MAN has been running the Trucknology Days as an in-house exhibition since 2008: an event where information meets fascination. Around 7,000 international visitors attended the event in Munich between 23 and 25 March 2017. There are traditionally two parts to the event: the MAN TruckForum and the test track.

At the TruckForum, MAN Services and its partners display their range of services and individual transport solutions ranging from body manufacture to subcontracting.

RIO, the new brand-name for networked logistics in the Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group, gave an insight into “connected performance” in the transportation industry in the future. RIO bundles digital services for the transportation and logistics ecosystem. For the first time ever, all parties involved in the supply chain - from the shipper to the recipient - through hauliers, carriers, loaders, materials requirement planners and drivers, can be networked via a unified information and application system which includes predictive functionality. With its Connected CoDriver, MAN is helping drivers and companies achieve a economical driving style. A trainer analyses the style and framework parameters of their driving and advises the driver.

Outside the MAN TruckForum, part of the vehicle exhibition drew attention to the Trucknology Days. Heavy-duty semitrailer tractors and heavy loading cranes on MAN platforms gave a foretaste of the big industry display on the test track. The white painted trucks were part of the 'Trucks to go' fleet, a range of pre-built, ready-to-go commercial vehicles.

The new MAN TGE makes MAN a full-range producer. With their permitted gross vehicle weights of between 3 and 5.5 tonnes, delivery vans with normal, high or super-high roofs, and chassis with single or double crew cabs have been added to the MAN model portfolio. At the TrucknologyDays, the MAN TGE was introduced to visitors as a delivery van.

On the test track, visitors could find around 120 vehicles. Experts from MAN and from the body manufacturers explained the specific product features in talks, during a test circuit and beside the vehicles themselves. Visitors had the chance to drive around 30 of the vehicles on the test track. Examples from the truck product range was available, from the compact sweeper based on the MAN TGL to tippers and a fire service vehicle on the MAN TGM platform, the MAN TGS as a tilted articulated truck, a refuse collector vehicle or a timber transporter, and many MAN TGX vehicles for long-haul or heavy-duty purposes.

The vehicle exhibition covered the following sectors: long-haul transport, urban distribution transport, construction, heavy duty transport, forestry & agriculture and municipal & fire brigade services.




Long-haul transport sector

Urban distribution transport sector

Heavy-duty transport sector

Forestry & Agriculture sector

Municipal & fire brigade sector

MAN Trucknology® RoadShow

Since 2008, the Trucknology Days have traditionally been the starting signal for the new truck demonstration fleet at the 'MAN Trucknology® RoadShow 2017'. Nearly 52 vehicles from the TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX series will go on tour throughout Europe. They demonstrate the new features introduced in the 2017 model year in the interior and on the driveline. The complete vehicles with bodies or semitrailers will present a cross-section of the variety available in the distribution and long-haul transport, construction, heavy-duty transport, agriculture, forestry and municipal sectors. MAN sales organisations throughout Europe will present their fleets, painted in striking crimson, at events and demonstrations. Interested customers can arrange with their MAN salesperson to test drive these vehicles for several days. In this way, they can experience MAN's competence in the sector and see for themselves how efficiently and economically transport tasks can be dealt with.

Trucks to go

The ‘Trucks to go’ fleet was on show in front of the Truck Forum during the Trucknology Days. These are new vehicles in the MAN TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX series, with bodies from MAN-approved body manufacturers. Anyone who is interested can download information about the 'Trucks to go' product range from the website www.man-truckstogo.com. The advantage for the customer is that they can meet short-term demand and respond to orders they receive without having to allow for the usual delivery times for vehicles. Complete vehicles such as roll-off skip loaders, three-way tippers and truck mixers or special-purpose vehicles such as refuse collector vehicles and towing vehicles are all available. This range of vehicles is available throughout Europe, painted in neutral white or in orange for municipal applications. If you enter the vehicle configuration you require, the 'Trucks to go' home page lists the appropriate vehicles. MAN has sold more than 1200 trucks in the last two years via this marketing channel.





Impression MAN Trucknology® Days 2017