The first pair of MAN V12-1900 engines in Riviera 77 Enclosed Flybridge

Top speed: 35 kn; total engine power 3.800 HP; chrome-plated cylinder head covers

MAN Engines deliver the first two units of their most powerful high-speed diesel engine, V12-1900, to Riviera. A manufacturer of luxury yachts and sport fishing boats, the Australian company will equip its flagship model Riviera 77 Enclosed Flybridge with both new twelve-cylinder V engines. Boasting a length of nearly 25 metres, the yacht with a luxurious fly bridge can thus rely on a total engine power of 2,794 kW (3,800 HP) and is, according to the manufacturer, able to achieve a top speed of 35 kn. Launched and tested in January, the vessel is being transferred to the Middle East after it. The MAN V12-1900 had its first global debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2015.

“The new owner is very eager about the improved performance of the MAN engines which increases the power by 100 HP each. This means an even better acceleration and higher top speed compared to the original top-of-the-range engine.“ Doug Nelson, Motoryacht Division Manager of Riviera Australia Pty Ltd says. Thanks to the performance enhancement that increased engine power to 1,397 kW (1,900 HP) at a weight of 2,365 kg (dry), the MAN V12-1900 sets standards in its class in terms of power-to-weight ratio. Its displacement of 24.2 litres enables the MAN engine to deliver high performance even in the lower engine speed range. Its ability to deliver a constantly high torque in a wide range of engine speeds allows the V12-1900 to accelerate smoothly and continuously up until the top engine speed range. This reflects the comfort and superiority of Riviera's flagship even when in motion. The maximal torque of 6,220 Nm @ 1,200 to 2,100 rpm provides a sufficient power reserve for quick acceleration and driving pleasure on the 25-metre yacht.

Powerful yet of compact dimensions, the design of the V engine allows for further convenience on board. With dimensions of only 2,139 x 1,153 x 1,265 mm (length x width x height), the twin engine installation on board of the Riviera 77 Enclosed Flybridge frees up more space under the deck, an advantage that is above all apparent in the master cabin. Moreover, also the clearly laid out engine room makes a statement about what the Riviera 77 Enclosed Flybridge stands for: The evolution of utility and design. This calls also for non-technically minded people to have a look at the fine details of MAN: In order to make the luxury yacht completely fit for high society, a gold- or chrome-plated cylinder head cover option as well as a design cover is available for the V12-1900.