Efficient fleet management in economically difficult times: New digital functions at MAN


Cost pressure, deadline pressure, fluctuating order situation: the market for transport companies is more difficult than ever in the current situation. According to a survey by the International Road Transport Union (IRU), transport companies worldwide are expecting losses of 551 billion euros. However, digital technologies in the form of holistic solutions can help companies to adapt their logistics to current demand. In this way MAN Digital Services helps transport companies optimize their business.

  • MAN Perform: Optimised vehicle use through detailed performance analyses
  • Vehicle updates "over the air" with MAN Now 

Since August 2017 it has been fitted as standard in all MAN trucks: the RIO Box. It is the basic prerequisite for every vehicle to connect and transmit relevant data around the clock to the RIO platform, TRATON's cloud-based platform on which a wide range of digital services for the entire transport and logistics ecosystem are bundled. Via the platform, fleet managers have control over each individual vehicle and can therefore process orders more precisely and efficiently than before. The platform is also used to book the individual MAN digital services.

Integrated fleet management

MAN DigitalServices supports the fleet manager in implementing efficient fleet management. Even with the free basic package MAN Essentials he has the most important vehicle information at a glance. The basic package is automatically activated after registration on the RIO platform. For example, the location is transmitted at 15-minute intervals. Details of the individual driver assignments such as driving and standing times can also be viewed. The average fuel consumption is also displayed.

Driver analysis: optimizing performance

How efficiently and environmentally consciously do drivers control their trucks? How difficult is the operation? MAN Perform provides answers to this question with relevant information on drivers' driving style. This gives fleet managers a detailed overview of their drivers' driving behaviour, because the performance data read from the vehicle can be used to compare the drivers' driving performance objectively. This provides important clues for optimising driving performance. With the MAN Connected CoDriver service the driver can then develop his driving style further. The training takes place live via telephone directly at the driver's workplace with the aid of a ProfiDrive@Trainer.

Predictive maintenance: Avoid loss of revenue

A further key factor for entrepreneurial success is forward-looking maintenance management. Using the data provided by MAN ServiceCare, the MAN workshop provides support in vehicle analysis, coordination and management of service appointments. On the RIO platform the fleet manager receives information on the current maintenance status as well as on upcoming appointments and vehicle components to be repaired.

In addition, damage reports that the driver has sent via the MAN Driver App can be viewed and, if necessary, forwarded immediately to the MAN workshop. This proactive maintenance and fleet management ensures that the vehicles are always ready for operation.

"Thanks to the possibility of activating the many features precisely, individually and at short notice, but also of cancelling them again, we are able to convince not only the large and internationally active players of our advantages. Small and medium-sized companies in particular appreciate the modular and flexible concept of our digital services," explains Arwed Girschick, MAN Regional Sales Manager.

MAN Now: Vehicle update "Over the Air"

MAN Now offers the next level in digital vehicle management with the new MAN Truck Generation. The new digital service makes it possible to equip trucks with additional functions without having to take the vehicles to the workshop - via online upgrade as uncomplicated as with a smartphone. Two applications are already available: "Online Traffic" provides the driver with up-to-date data on the traffic situation, making it easier to avoid traffic jams. Map Update" provides additional support with the latest information on the course of the road. This allows short-term closures and road works to be quickly taken into account in navigation.

For the future, our developments are already going much further, because "digital solutions no longer only support the operational use of vehicles. More and more, vehicles can also be digitally modified up to digital platforms, becoming an integrated and active part of our customers' logistics processes and providing data for the entire logistics ecosystem," says Niklaus Waser, Senior Vice President Digital Transformation & Business Models.