MAN exhibiting many new products at bauma 2019


MAN will be presenting vehicles and driver assistance systems as complete solutions for the construction industry at bauma 2019.

  • New Euro 6 engine family and launch of the new D15 truck engine series
  • MAN TGE from 3 to 5.5 tonnes for the first time at bauma
  • New MAN ComfortSteering and MAN LaneReturnAssist safety and driver assistance systems together with VAS Video Manoeuvring System
  • MAN presenting six vehicles from all its model series on stand 325 in hall B4, and a further five vehicles in the outdoor area in front of hall B4


MAN will be exhibiting a large number of driveline innovations and sector-specific product upgrades at bauma, the world’s leading trade fair for construction, building materials processing and mining machinery, vehicles and equipment, being held in Munich from 8th to 14th April 2019. The 11 MAN vehicles will be presented on stand 325 in hall B4, as well as on an outdoor stand outside the same hall.


11 MAN exhibits at bauma




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A proven and reliable choice: The MAN XLION as a special model

When picturing an MAN vehicle that impresses entrepreneurs as well as drivers, we might imagine the following qualities: reliable, robust, enduring and practical. These exact qualities are what set the special model, MAN XLION, apart in daily operation.


  • Special equipment packages for long-haul transport, traction vehicles and distribution vehicles
  • A combination of factory-installed premium, segment-specific equipment with country-specific extras and service packages
  • Addition of the D15 engine in the XLION vehicle product range


The MAN XLION is king of the road with an optional eye-catching lion design on the sides of the cab. Additionally, each vehicle features the letters “XLION” on the cab doors. The X in the name of this powerful truck stands for “extreme”.

MAN is presenting one vehicle in the XLION design at the bauma 2019 trade show. The MAN TGX 18.510 4x2 BLS tipper semitrailer tractor, with its XLION lion design on its XLX cab, makes for an eye-catching exhibit at the MAN booth in Hall B4, Booth 325. In the new Euro 6 design, the D26 engine features an additional 10 hp and 100 Nm of torque, now generating 510 hp and a maximum torque of 2600 Nm. The vehicle is equipped with the new Comfort Steering and Lane Return Assist functions.

Segment-specific equipment packages

The XLION packages offer special equipment for long-haul transport, traction vehicles and distribution vehicles, and combine factory-installed premium, segment-specific equipment with country-specific extras and service packages. The equipment has been put together so that companies benefit from added value and drivers can rest easy in the comfort of their MAN vehicles.

Since the MAN XLION was presented at the IAA in September 2018, MAN is expanding its offer to include vehicles with the new D15 engine, as well as the version with 430 hp from the D26 engine series.

The MAN XLION Traction special model will in future be available for the MAN TGS series with an engine output of 330 hp to 510 hp. The construction site package is included in addition to the MAN sound system, the LED daytime driving lights and the off-road functionality for the ABS. This means it helps to boost work safety and transport reliability. Among other things, the package contains a more dirt-resistant interior design in the Urban Concrete colour, the air deflector plate under the engine to prevent dust circulation, the driver’s side construction step with a long support rail on the roof or the stone guard on the front of the radiator.

The MAN XLION Longhaul special model is used in long-haul transport as an MAN TGX, with all engine outputs up to the top model with 640 hp. The upgrades to the visual design and comfort include comprehensive cab equipment as part of the driver comfort package, the MAN sound system, the LED daytime driving lights and chrome trim on the bumper. If required, the steel bumper is now also available as a new feature.

The MAN XLION Distribution special model is available from MAN for both the TGL and TGM series with two axles and on-road drive, regardless of the engine output and cab size. The air-conditioning system, hands-free system for mobile phones and MAN sound system give the driver added comfort – just like the MAN driver comfort package. This package includes a multi-function steering wheel, driver’s comfort seat, comfort seat covers or central locking, depending on the cab model.

In all three MAN XLION special models, MAN combines a high-quality vehicle boasting industry-specific equipment with special After Sales conditions for the Service Contract Comfort and Comfort Super maintenance contracts.

Regional, market-specific upgrades for the MAN XLION

Depending on local requirements and the model in question, the sales organisations can offer special packages for equipment, financing and maintenance. Customers can select the Style Package, Safety Package, or custom installations from the MAN Truck Modification portfolio such as a wall unit on the cab rear wall, for example.

MAN digital services as an additional benefit

All vehicles are equipped with “MAN Essentials” and “MAN ServiceCare” as standard from the MAN Digital Services offering. As well as this, the “MAN Advance” service is added free of charge for the first six months. For the same amount of time, “MAN Perform” for long-haul transport or the “MAN Compliant” service for construction and distribution transport is also available.

“MAN Essentials” forms the basis, transmitting the vehicle position at 15-minute intervals and providing the fleet manager with relevant information for vehicle analysis. With “MAN ServiceCare”, vehicle data for planning maintenance appointments and servicing work is transmitted to the relevant MAN support centre, which helps both parties – the dispatcher and the workshop – to optimally plan maintenance appointments so as to minimise MAN truck downtimes as far as possible. “MAN Advance” extends the storage period of vehicle data from MAN Essentials to 25 months, the “MAN Perform” evaluation allows an analysis of data relating to the vehicle and driver, and finally, “MAN Compliant” helps with the download and archiving of driver card and tachograph data.





New engine family for MAN trucks in 2019 model year


  • New: D15 engine series to replace successful D20 series
  • 10 hp and 100 Nm more power added to D26 engine series


MAN Truck & Bus produces four engine series for use in its trucks at its engine plant in Nuremberg. The common rail injection system is common to all MAN engines.

The D08 series spans the 160 hp to 320 hp range. The “08” in the type designation indicates a bore of 108 mm. Its stroke is 125 mm. Each of the three power stages are covered by the in-line 4-cylinder and in-line 6-cylinder engines. These engines are intended exclusively for the TGL and TGM series in the truck range.

The D15 engine series, newly added to the truck in 2019, is named for its bore of 115 mm. Its stroke is 145 mm. The three versions – 330 hp, 360 hp and 400 hp – are available in the TGS and TGX series.

The D26 engines series is receiving a new range of power stages for the 2019 model year, with 10 hp and 100 Nm more power. These will increase to 430 hp, 470 hp and 510 hp. The bore measures in at 126 mm, while the stroke is 166 mm. These engines are available in series including the TGS and TGX.

The D38 in-line 6-cylinder engines are reserved exclusively for the MAN TGX series. These cover the power class above 500 hp and, at 640 hp, are the most powerful engines offered by MAN for trucks. The figures for the stroke and bore are 170 mm and 138 mm respectively.


Table showing the new MAN engine family for Euro 6-standard trucks for the 2019 model year:


D0844,580 cc160 hp (118 kW) @ 2,300 rpm600 Nm @ 1,000–1,850 rpm
44,580 cc190 hp (140 kW) @ 2,300 rpm750 Nm @ 1,200–1,400 rpm
44,580 cc220 hp (162 kW) @ 2,300 rpm850 Nm @ 1,300–1,400 rpm
66,871 cc250 hp (184 kW) @ 2,200 rpm1,050 Nm @ 1,200–1,600 rpm
66,871 cc290 hp (213 kW) @ 2,200 rpm1,150 Nm @ 1,200–1,700 rpm
66,871 cc320 hp (235 kW) @ 2,200 rpm1,250 Nm @ 1,200–1,700 rpm
D1569,037 cc330 hp (243 kW) @ 1,800 rpm1,600 Nm @ 1,000–1,400 rpm
69,037 cc360 hp (265 kW) @ 1,800 rpm1,700 Nm @ 1,000–1,400 rpm
69,037 cc400 hp (294 kW) @ 1,800 rpm1,800 Nm @ 1,000–1,500 rpm
D26612,419 cc430 hp (316 kW) @ 1,800 rpm2,200 Nm @ 930–1,350 rpm
612,419 cc470 hp (346 kW) @ 1,800 rpm2,400 Nm @ 930–1,350 rpm
612,419 cc510 hp (375 kW) @ 1,800 rpm2,600 Nm @ 930–1,350 rpm
D38615,256 cc540 hp (397 kW) @ 1,800 rpm2,700 Nm @ 900–1,380 rpm
615,256 cc580 hp (427 kW) @ 1,800 rpm2,900 Nm @ 900–1,380 rpm
615,256 cc640 hp (471 kW) @ 1,800 rpm3,000 Nm @ 900–1,400 rpm




Travel more efficiently with MAN: support for the driver, more safety in transport

MAN is introducing new safety and assistance systems in its TGM, TGS and TGX series at the bauma 2019 trade show.


  • ACC Stop&Go in even more model variants
  • MAN ComfortSteering simplifies steering work
  • MAN LaneReturnAssist stops the vehicle accidentally leaving the lane


Be it the transport of building materials in urban and non-urban areas, distribution transport or international long-haul transport – entrepreneurs, drivers and customers depend on transport tasks being completed reliably, quickly and free of accidents. MAN has been able to further develop the Lane Guard System (LGS), which has already been in use for years, and expand its range of functions to include the LaneReturnAssist (LRA), based on the new MAN ComfortSteering system, which supports the driver during steering manoeuvres.

Furthermore, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with the Stop&Go function is now also available for vehicles with the TipMatic12 gearbox. This applies to most model variants from the MAN TGS and TGX series which are used in main and ancillary construction work; however, all-wheel-drive vehicles and versions with the steel bumper are not included.

MAN ACC Stop&Go and EBA2 driving assistance systems

It's all about safety when it comes to the equipment features that MAN is showcasing at bauma 2019. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is a significant asset in terms of safety and – above all – comfort. It has also been available with a Stop&Go function since 2018. This feature first appeared on the market for semitrailer tractors with the MAN TipMatic14 gearbox, and in the future will also be offered to a wide range of vehicles with the TipMatic12 gearbox.

ACC Stop&Go automatically regulates the distance from the vehicle in front at speeds of 0 to 25 km/h (including at low speeds), slows the vehicle to a stop if necessary, and automatically moves off again after short stops. This allows the driver to cruise along even in heavy traffic, traffic jams, or in urban areas, in a relaxed and stress-free manner. Additionally, the new generation of MAN ACC makes things more convenient when approaching vehicles in front, as the truck will slow down to a stop behind the preceding vehicle all by itself. If the stop lasts less than two seconds, the truck will move off again by itself. If the stop lasts longer than two seconds, the driver moves off again by pressing the accelerator or a button on the multi-function steering wheel.

The system eases the strain on the driver in heavy traffic, meaning they can navigate traffic jams with less effort. Additionally, it prevents unnecessary braking and accelerating, thereby reducing wear on the brakes and fuel consumption whilst driving.

EBA2 clearly exceeds the applicable, stricter legal requirements for emergency brake systems, which have been in place since November 2018. The sophisticated combination of data from radar and camera sensors allows EBA2 to interpret even challenging traffic scenarios more reliably, identify preceding vehicles and stationary obstacles with more certainty, and thus only activate emergency braking if required. Based on the positive experiences with this design philosophy, MAN has been installing the EBA2, as standard, without a disable button on the instrument panel since the spring of 2017 to further increase the safety offered by the system. In this situation, the driver still has total control over the system at all times.

MAN offers the EBA2 for the entire tonnage range from 7.5 tonnes and up, and, since the beginning of 2018, also for vehicles with approval in the emissions standard Euro 3, 4 and 5.

MAN ComfortSteering eases strain on drivers

During the course of 2019, MAN will be introducing MAN ComfortSteering, an active steering support system, to the TGM, TGS and TGX series with the new Euro 6 engines. An electric motor boosts the steering torque generated by the driver with a light additional torque depending on the situation at hand, thereby reducing the steering forces and making steering more precise and comfortable as a whole. Adjusted to the driving speed, the driver will experience smoother steering when performing manoeuvres, and there is also high tracking stability when driving at higher speeds.

Extra safety with MAN LaneReturnAssist

If there is a risk of the vehicle leaving its lane without the driver activating the turn indicators, LaneReturnAssist (LRA) will actively guide the vehicle back to its lane. In many versions of the MAN TGM, TGS and TGX series with the new Euro 6 engines, this function enhances the reliable Lane Guard System (LGS), which has been in use for years. While LGS emits an acoustic warning if the vehicle leaves its lane, LRA – available through the course of 2019 – actively intervenes, and guides the vehicle back to the area within the lane markings. The driver is still able to override the system at any time. A requirement for the system to work is that the driver must keep their hands on the steering wheel, as they are responsible for guiding the vehicle.




MAN VAS: Video turning assistant system for best view to the right


  • Camera on right-hand side of cab
  • Monitor on right-hand A-pillar
  • Possible to combine with ultrasonic sensors
  • Can be installed or retrofitted by MAN Truck Modification for TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX series

Despite having numerous proactive safety systems supporting them, the driver always has responsibility for the job of driving. Above all, good visibility for the driver and unrestricted ability to observe other road users are essential for this. It is difficult to see what is going on to the right-hand side of a vehicle, so if something critical is about to happen when turning, changing lanes or manoeuvring, the driver needs to alerted to this as early as possible. A camera monitor system helps the driver to see what is happening alongside the vehicle, supporting the view afforded by the rear-view and kerb mirrors. The driver is thus able to see objects such as cyclists or a smaller vehicle right next to the cab. Bollards, walls or parked vehicles become more obvious when manoeuvring. The system is activated automatically whenever the right-hand indicator is switched on. If required, the driver can also switch on the system via a switch.

On request, MAN Truck Modification can install a camera with a 150° wide angle lens on the right-hand side of the cab near to the edge of the roof. The monitor, which measures 7 inches, is usually installed inside the cab on the passenger side A-pillar. When the driver looks to the right into the mirror, the monitor is visible in the field of vision. Alternatively, the camera signal can be played back on the 7-inch display for the Infotainment system on the instrument panel.

The camera monitor system can be equipped with ultrasonic sensors on the front and right side of the vehicle for even greater safety. These sensors register objects and other road users up to two metres away from the cab. When other road users approach, the driver receives a visual warning via LED warning lamps and an acoustic warning via a signal tone. This enables the driver to identify the potential hazardous situation in good time and respond accordingly.

This equipment can be ordered as a factory-fitted feature, though it is also possible to retrofit.




MAN TGE to make first appearance at Bauma trade fair


  • First time at Bauma: MAN TGEs ranging from 3 to 5.5 tonnes
  • Trade fair première for 5.5-tonner: an MAN TGE 6.180 with tipper body


MAN will be exhibiting vehicles from the TGE series for the first time at Bauma. Step by step since April 2017, MAN has been introducing the TGE – its lightweight van sporting the lion emblem on its radiator grille – into a variety of European markets. The 5.5-tonne model (type designation: TGE 6.180 4x2) will be making its début with a three-way tipper body at the MAN trade fair booth in Hall B4, number 325. On show directly in front of the hall will be an MAN TGE 3.180 4x2, equipped as a heavy haulage escort vehicle (BF4).

Comprehensive product range for the construction industry

Construction firms, skilled trades businesses, horticultural and landscaping companies can all look to the sweeping TGE product range for the right vehicle to suit their wide array of needs. MAN offers a comprehensive selection of body types, including panel vans, passenger-friendly combi vans with windows and various chassis. Customers can choose between two wheelbases, three overhang variants and three roof heights. Depending on the version chosen, the 3.5-tonne models can support a maximum payload in excess of 1.5 tonnes, while the panel vans allow for a maximum cargo compartment volume of 18.4 cubic metres.

Chassis and crew cabs are available for the chassis. The crew cab can seat up to seven people, offering employees a comfortable and safe way to navigate the construction site.

The MAN TGE series starts at a permissible gross vehicle weight of 3 metric tonnes. The series tops out at 5.5 tonnes, including a rear axle fitted with twin tyres, although an additional 3.5 tonnes can be transported using a trailer coupling. The wide selection of variants enables customers to choose their preferred drive system. Depending on the permissible total weight, front, rear or all-wheel drive options are possible, with either a six-speed manual gearbox or an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The MAN TGE features a completely new-generation diesel engine promising high levels of durability and reliability. The 1,968 cm3 engines come in 75 kW/101 hp, 90 kW/120 hp, 103 kW/138 hp and 130 kW/175 hp variants. The V4 engine was specially developed to withstand the “rough” requirements placed on commercial vehicles over their lifetime, first and foremost for economical operation and robustness.

MAN offers a wide range of bodies and upgrades from the factory floor for MAN TGE models to be used in the construction industry. This makes it possible to order Scattolini, Henschel and Schoon three-way tippers for the 3.5 and 5.5-tonne models. In addition, there are flexible racking systems from Bott and Sortimo available as factory-fitted features for maintenance and mobile workshop vehicles.

If building work is halted in the winter due to adverse weather, the MAN TGE can be used for winter service operations – for instance, by fitting a mounting bracket for a snow plough. Meanwhile, there is room for a gritter in the loading area.

MAN putting on two TGE exhibits at Bauma trade fair

Production of the largest tipper in the TGE series started in autumn 2018. The distinguishing features of the MAN TGE 6.180 to be exhibited at the trade fair include a top-of-the-range engine, 6-speed manual gearbox, twin tyres on the leaf-sprung rear axle, a three-seat single cab and a Meiller three-way tipper.

And there will be an MAN TGE 3.180 with striking sulphur-yellow paintwork on display at MAN’s outside booth next to Hall B4. The model’s overall appearance and its roof equipped with a variable-message sign system indicate its potential use as an escort vehicle for large-capacity and heavy-haulage transport vehicles (type BF4). In the three-seat panel van, interior fixtures and fittings have been added to store the barrier equipment and measuring instruments that need to be transported. The vehicle underwent modification at Kustech’s plant in Techau, near the North German city of Lübeck.

Maximum safety thanks to assistance systems

The Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) fitted as standard in the TGE is a major contribution to road safety on the part of MAN. Distance sensors monitor critical distances from the vehicle ahead and help to reduce the vehicle’s stopping distance. In addition, the integrated City Emergency Brake automatically brakes the vehicle at low speeds. This reduces the risk of rear-end collisions, one of the most frequent causes of accidents, minimising off-road times and repair costs, as well as boosting the vehicle’s residual value. The optional Reversing Assist helps when manoeuvring out of parking spaces. A trailer manoeuvring assist feature can also be activated as required. The electromechanical power steering compensates for countersteer forces such as those created by side winds. The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) ensures high levels of comfort on lengthy motorway stretches. The drowsiness detection function and the multi-collision brake enhance safety for everyone. This multi-collision brake prevents secondary collisions with other obstacles or road users in the event of an accident.