MAN at a glance


MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers; it provides transport solutions and has an annual turnover of over 9.5 billion euros (2020). Its product portfolio includes vans, trucks, buses, diesel and gas engines and a range of services relating to the transport of passengers and goods. MAN Truck & Bus is a TRATON SE company.


Our strategy

The commercial vehicle industry is facing major challenges. Future vehicles are expected to be ever more autonomous, networked and emission-free in operation. We are seizing this opportunity to consistently realign our company. The foundation for this is our NewMAN strategy, which involves being a “robust company”, “smart innovator” and “strong team” and sets our direction for the next few years. Our main focus in this is to develop a fully autonomous, emission-free vehicle by the end of this decade.

We at MAN want to create competitive and flexible structures that make us tough, resilient and capable of withstanding crises (a “robust company”). We will be clearly focused in developing new technologies and rely on strong partnerships with TRATON and VW in addition to our own innovative strength (be a “smart innovator”). We will achieve this by enabling every employee to contribute their own individual part to our joint success – as a “strong team”.

NewMAN also includes sustainability as a crucial business driver for the future. Because sustainability is no mere buzzword, it is rather a premise that is fundamentally changing our industry.

“Simplifying customer business through leading sustainable solutions.” We aim to simplify business processes for our customers by coming up with cutting-edge solutions to achieving sustainability.


Our latest products and services

Our portfolio extends from vans weighing a total of 3.0 to 5.5 tons, trucks in the 7.49 to 44 ton total weight range to heavy special-purpose vehicles with a total towing weight of up to 250 tonnes. This makes MAN a full-range provider covering all weight classes. The company also produces urban and intercity buses, coaches and bus chassis under the MAN brand as well as van-based minibuses and luxury coaches under the NEOPLAN brand. Our portfolio is rounded off by industrial engines for marine, on-road and off-road applications as well as comprehensive services relating to mobility.





Our research

MAN believes that the future of passenger and goods traffic in our towns and cities will be electric. The strengths of electric vehicles are best realised in urban environments. They are locally emission-free and thus contribute to improvements in urban air quality and they are also extremely quiet. MAN accordingly also invested in 2020 in the development of electric drive trains for distribution trucks and urban buses.

Our initial focus in zero-emission technologies is on the battery. Battery-electric drives are already proving their worth in town and city centres, in buses and distribution transport. Our new generation of e-trucks will be hitting the streets from 2024. Hydrogen (H2) represents a potential option in other specific use cases, such as where very large distances have to be covered.

Here too, MAN Truck & Bus is conducting research into appropriate technologies. This transformation will see the illustrious MAN site in Nuremberg being converted from a diesel engine plant into a production and development hub for alternative drives.

Autonomous commercial vehicles will result in a radical transformation of our customers’ business models – automation is a game changer. That is why MAN is collaborating with research and business partners to develop and test automated driving applications. MAN is thus becoming a provider of smart and sustainable transport solutions.

One of the digital innovations that MAN Truck & Bus has introduced to offer its customers tailored digital solutions is called “MAN DigitalServices”. This enables MAN customers to view real time vehicle data and ensuing analyses, irrespective of location. It also produces recommendations for action that are specifically adapted to customers and their vehicles.

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