MAN restructures its Corporate Communications department


The Corporate Communications division of MAN Truck & Bus SE has given itself a new structure in order to continue to meet the current requirements of corporate communications in the future.


  • New distribution of tasks in four departments
  • Establishment of a newsroom with clear topic responsibility

MAN Truck & Bus SE's central corporate communications is now working in a new structure with the aim of implementing its communications strategy more consistently and simultaneously streamlining processes. Four newly created departments are bundling related activities and topic responsibilities in order to reduce duplication of work and designate a clear contact person. In addition, a newsroom was introduced for editorial work in which internal and external publications are planned and prepared using agile methods. Unaffected by the organizational changes, the well-known press spokespersons remain the first point of contact for journalists.

Central corporate communications now consists of four departments: Strategy & Issue Management, Content & Channels, Event & Project Management and Public Affairs. Stefan Klatt will continue to be in charge.





Contact persons in MAN Corporate Communications (excerpt)

Head of MAN Corporate Communications:                              Stefan Klatt

Head of Product Communication:                                            Anne Katrin Wieser

Press Spokesman Truck:                                                         Gregor Jentzsch

Press Spokesman Bus:                                                            Sebastian Lindner

Press Spokesman Van:                                                            Thomas Pietsch

Head of Business Communications:                                         Manuel Hiermeyer

Head of Events & Projects:                                                       Martin Böckelmann

Head of Public Affairs:                                                              Dr. Kirsten Broecheler

Berlin Office:                                                                             Hartmut Sander

Brussels Office:                                                                        Moises Costa

Contact details: https://press.mantruckandbus.com/contacts/