MAN SimplePay: When the truck pays


MAN turns the truck into a wallet: the new digital platform MAN SimplePay makes all payment transactions easier for customers – with complete transparency. True to the motto: “Simplifying customer business”.

  • MAN SimplePay automates payment transactions
  • Refuelling and payment at the truck with partner BP
  • Expansion to “payment ecosystem” planned

MAN Truck & Bus is a “smart innovator” and is the first OEM to develop a digital platform for all payment processes relating to commercial vehicles: MAN SimplePay. The truck thus becomes a digital wallet – for all transactions that occur in everyday trucking. The benefits: complete transparency and simplification of all payment transactions. True to the strategic guiding principle of “Simplifying Customer Business”, MAN Truck & Bus is thus making it even easier for its customers to do business.

MAN SimplePay is the first step towards a complete payment ecosystem for different services. Together with partner BP, MAN is initially launching a solution for automated contactless and secure payment processes when refuelling – without cash or physical (credit) cards. The driver stays with the truck, thus eliminating visits to the filling station shop and saving time as a result. This also reduces possible contact with other people in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fleet managers also benefit because they have a real-time overview on a dashboard and can control all costs and processes for each individual vehicle in a single system. Another positive effect: their administrative workload is reduced. MAN is therefore tackling a serious problem that often takes fleet managers many hours and prevents them from performing their actual task, namely ensuring effective use of their trucks.

From a technical point of view, the payment process takes place directly from the truck via the RIO Box in the vehicle. Digital processing of the payment process is carried out by another partner, the payment processor Stripe. The cloud infrastructure is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It will be possible to book MAN SimplePay via the MAN Marketplace, and the service will then be installed over-the-air on the selected trucks.

It is planned that the market launch of MAN SimplePay together with BP will take place as quickly as possible. And that’s not all: in the next steps, the partner network and services for simple and secure payment will be expanded further. For example, for services on the road – such as a payment guarantee to the workshop via RIO Box in the event of a breakdown.

After the IAA Transportation 2022, MAN SimplePay will be available to pilot customers in the English market. This will be followed by its introduction on the German market. MAN SimplePay will later be implemented internationally beyond German national borders. Integration of mixed fleets via the TRATON Group and expansion of the solution for MAN buses and vans is also planned.