MAN TGE Next Level to reach customers in mid-2024

The van from MAN Truck & Bus is receiving a major technological update with a redesigned driver's workplace and new assistance systems for even greater comfort and safety.

  • Modern: Completely new E/E architecture, new sensors and cameras, new multifunction steering wheel as well as new dashboard
  • Safe: Newly developed as well as improved assistance systems
  • Available: Sales of the MAN TGE Next Level have already begun in some countries, with deliveries starting in May 2024

The successful van from MAN Truck & Bus is receiving a comprehensive model upgrade. As a result, the MAN TGE will set standards in terms of safety and driver comfort in the van segment. For this reason, the van from MAN Truck & Bus is being given the fitting by-name "Next Level." The MAN TGE will receive by far the largest package of technical innovations in its still young history, with the first MAN TGE Next Level models rolling off the production line in May 2024, giving it a boost in comfort.

The main focus in terms of comfort will be on the new dashboard with digital instrument display. An eye-catcher of the new interior is the large display for controlling vehicle functions and the MAN Media Van infotainment system. The MAN Media Van consists of a 10.4-inch display with the standard functions DAB+, MAN Connect, App Connect and MAN SmartLink for smartphone integration. Further upgrades will include MAN Media Van Navigation and MAN Media Van Navigation Business, both of which have additional features such as voice control, web radio, media streaming and Alexa integration in addition to the navigation function. The Business version also gets a 12.9-inch diagonal screen.

Other dashboard highlights include the redesigned ergonomic multifunction steering wheel with integrated shift lever on the steering column (for automatic transmissions), the electronic parking brake and the Keyless Go function. These new elements have what it takes to make everyday life more effective and more pleasant for the TGE driver. The cup holders, storage compartments and cell phone compartment with inductive charging function also contribute to this.

Even in the current model of the TGE, driving behavior, workmanship and appearance are on a par with passenger cars. With the new driver's workplace in the cab of the MAN Transporter, this path is being consistently continued. "With this model year change, the music is playing under the hood and in the interior. And it's really loud. We don't want to reveal all the details of the MAN TGE Next Level just yet, but our customers can look forward to a van that will represent a milestone in terms of safety and comfort," summarizes Martin Imhoff, Head of Van Product Marketing at MAN Truck & Bus.

In addition, the MAN TGE Next Level will receive a new generation of control units, sensors and cameras on the hardware side with this model change. In the same step, the E/E architecture has been fundamentally renewed. This will enable a brilliant further development in the area of assistance and safety systems: completely new assistance systems as well as further developed systems will be available in the MAN TGE Next Level. With these innovations, the MAN van will increase the safety of both its occupants and other road users, as some assistance systems will be part of the standard equipment for the first time, including Traffic Sign Information, Active Lane Guard System, Fatigue Detection and Parking Assist.


VIDEO: The new dashboard of the MAN TGE Next Level

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