Manage e-mobility solutions digitally – with MAN eManager


Since the middle of last week, the RIO cloud-based platform from TRATON is hosting a new service for MAN Lion’s City E vehicles: MAN eManager. This digital command centre makes it possible to charge electric buses ahead of journeys and provides fleet managers with a handy source of ambient temperature data and other vehicle information.

  • Extensive range of functions in the first MAN eManager version
  • Targeted monitoring means more transparency and efficiency

The future has just rolled into town. A fleet of 15 MAN Lion’s City E demonstration vehicles are currently wowing customers and experts across Europe, and soon the first series-produced models will be making their way to cities across the world – bringing a whole new driving experience with them. This new fully electric city bus from MAN is equipped with sophisticated drive and battery technology and boasts a range of up to 270 kilometres, entirely without emissions or noise. The MAN Lion’s City 18 E electric articulated bus is now also ready for launch.

But MAN isn’t just delivering the hardware for this future face of mobility. It is also anticipating how its customers will operate the vehicles of tomorrow and using its technological expertise to make it even easier to charge and organise electric fleets. MAN eManager, a digital service developed specifically for MAN Lion’s City E vehicles, gives fleet operators a tool for managing electric buses from the comfort of a desk.

“Thanks to an interface between the RIO Box installed in the bus and the RIO platform, MAN eManager makes it possible to manage battery charging and vehicle air conditioning – even using pre-programmed settings”, explains Felix Krüger, Vice President Aftersales & MAN DigitalServices.


Reliable battery charging right up to the destination

At the heart of the new tool is the charge management facility for the modular battery system, which has a total capacity of 480 kWh (solobus) or 640 kWh (articulated bus) in the MAN Lion’s City E and comprises six or eight battery modules on the vehicle roof. Public transport vehicles in particular rely on battery charge states lasting long enough to accommodate timetables. eManager indicates at a glance if a vehicle is already fully charged or has reached its maximum charging level.

At the touch of a button, it is possible to charge a vehicle battery immediately or pre-program charging in MAN eManager – and the information is provided in a format that is clear and distinct to each individual electric bus. The system can be configured to ensure that any given bus is ready to depart at a particular time, depending on what day of the week it is. The fleet manager also receives notifications on the RIO platform in the event of charging issues, enabling quick intervention.

MAN eManager can also be used to adjust the air conditioning of the MAN Lion’s City E before the journey begins to ensure that energy is used as efficiently as possible. This helps prevent the need to recharge the battery on journeys where the ambient temperature varies significantly. When the climate control feature is activated, the vehicle leaves the depot with an ambient temperature that is already perfect for passengers getting on board.

Efficient operational planning

All these functions are available to use in the basic version of MAN eManager – and the digital tool is set to be enhanced even further with additional optional services that will go live and be available to purchase in the course of the next year. Every essential detail is available at a glance thanks to in-depth vehicle and battery monitoring, with information including the remaining range and current charge state, plus analyses of aspects such as total energy consumption and specific consumption data for the driveline, air-conditioning system and other units. “With MAN eManager, bus operators will have an efficient, cost-conscious tool for managing the scheduling of their electric fleets and carrying out daily operational planning”, says Rudi Kuchta, Head of Business Unit Bus, MAN Truck & Bus.