One stop shopping: MAN provides the perfect charging solution for electric vehicles


In cooperation with two strategic partners, MAN Transport Solutions is now offering MAN Truck & Bus customers the perfect charging infrastructure. Alongside the well established 360° consultancy service for customers switching to electric drives, the solution is a further key component of our eSolutions, which help to make our customers’ business easier.

  • Everything from a single source
  • Charging stations from 25 kW to 300 kW AC, including mobile units
  • Available in 28 countries in Europe

For companies who decide to acquire electric commercial vehicles, the switch to e-mobility calls for a considerable amount of initial planning. Which tasks are the electric vans, buses or trucks suitable for? Where and when do I have to charge? Do the power supply cables have sufficient capacity? These are just some of the many questions that MAN has been answering for its customers since 2018 thanks to the team of experts at MAN Transport Solutions. The new range of charging infrastructure solutions now makes it even easier to switch to e-mobility. Many customers want an integrated range of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. They can now trust appropriate tested MAN partners.

The new range of charging stations has been developed in cooperation with partner companies Heliox (Netherlands) and SBRS (Germany). Advantage for MAN customers: The charging station is supplied directly through the MAN sales organisation. In other words, the customer only needs to have one contact and gets its electric commercial vehicles and the ideal charging solution from a single source.

The new range is available in 28 European countries. It covers a wide spectrum of requirements: from mobile charging units through to large fleet solutions. The mobile charging units can be flexibly used in the depot and are not permanently installed. The solutions cover a power range of 25 kW to 300 kW. This enables a forward-looking, tailored solution to be created for every customer. It is also possible to charge multiple vehicles from a single charging station. The charging stations are manufactured to the highest industry standards and operate extremely efficiently. On request, Heliox or SBRS can also provide installation and service. The top priority is availability of the charging infrastructure in combination with the MAN electric vehicles.

Stefan Sahlmann, Head of MAN Transport Solutions, describes the new range: “We are sure that customers expect us to offer a comprehensive range of e-mobility solutions. As well as comprehensive advice on switching to electric commercial vehicles, this includes services relating to charging & energy issues. The aim is therefore to make switching to e-mobility as reliable, uncomplicated and cost-efficient as possible for our customers.”