Electric to the top: MAN is the market leader for eBuses in Europe

  • European eBus market 2023: MAN Lion's City E in 1st place for new registrations
  • 780 MAN eBuses registered in Europe
  • Market share of around 13.3 percent gives MAN top position in the electric bus market
  • Top markets are Germany, Sweden, Spain, Norway and Belgium 

The MAN Lion's City E has become an integral part of the cityscape of many major cities. 780 MAN eBuses were registered in Europe (EU27+3) last year alone. According to the latest registration statistics, MAN Truck & Bus has thus taken the top position in the European electric bus market, leaving the competition behind with a market share of around 13.3 percent. The sales figures for MAN eBuses in Europe also speak for themselves: the commercial vehicle manufacturer sold a total of 771 eBuses in 2023 and almost tripled the sales figures for the Lion's City E compared to the previous year (263 eBuses in 2022).

However, MAN is not "only" the market leader in the overall European market, but also number 1 in the national eBus markets of Germany (245 Lion's City E were registered here in 2023), Sweden (126 registrations), Belgium (69 registrations), Austria (26 registrations) and Slovenia (8 registrations). "In terms of numbers, the markets in Germany, Sweden, Spain, Norway and Belgium are leading the race," says Robert Katzer, Head of Sales & Product Bus, adding: "Almost 80% of all Lion's City E registered in Europe in 2023 are on the road in these five countries, providing safe, reliable and, above all, sustainable public transport."

The eBus markets in Spain and Norway grew particularly strongly in the past year - both in terms of total registrations and new registrations of MAN eBuses: 76 Lion's City E were put into operation in Norway and 93 in Spain, with the Spanish cities of Alicante, Bilbao, Málaga, San Sebastián and Valencia, among others, relying on the innovative city bus. "Our 1,000th Lion's City E, which rolled off the production line at MAN's Polish plant in Starachowice in September 2023, almost three years after the start of series production, is also in operation in the greater Madrid area and therefore in Spain," says Katzer. The eBus was ordered by the transport company Auto Periferia S.A., a subsidiary of the Spanish Grupo Ruiz.

Scandinavia is also regarded as one of the pioneers when it comes to electromobility. This is also reflected in the registration figures: In Sweden, Norway and Denmark, 230 electrically powered MAN city buses were registered in the past financial year. MAN successfully put 76 eBuses on the road in the Norwegian capital Oslo in December alone. The 59 solo and 17 articulated buses were ordered by transport operator Unibuss. The company opted for the MAN Lion's City E in part to significantly improve the CO2 balance in public transport.

"We are delighted with these successes, which we owe to our customers, but also to the tireless efforts of our bus team," says Barbaros Oktay, Head of Bus at MAN Truck & Bus. "In the new year, we clearly want to continue to drive forward the transformation towards sustainable mobility and increase our sales of battery-electric buses." Together with partners and customers, MAN is driving sustainable mobility forward in order to take account of environmental and climate protection. The commercial vehicle manufacturer is fully committed to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

MAN's efforts are focused on comprehensive advice and innovative solutions tailored to the needs of the market. "It was always clear to us that we would develop and continuously optimize our eBus in close cooperation with our customers. After all, our goal was and is to offer the best electric city bus and to provide the best possible support to transport companies on their way to sustainable public transport. The fact that our efforts have been rewarded by the market and many experts is a great success," Oktay sums up.

In addition to customers, drivers and passengers, the Lion's City E also impresses experts and the trade press. The eBus was named "Bus of the Year 2023" by the international "Bus & Coach of the Year" jury. An international jury of experts also voted it "Sustainable Bus of the Year 2024". Efficiency, environmental friendliness and MAN's commitment as a pioneer in the field of eMobility in particular generated a lot of enthusiasm.