MAN Engines strengthens partnership with Next Yacht Group with engines for AB Yachts and Maiora


V12 engines in the upper power range

Latest V12X engine platform

New ranges from AB Yachts and Maiora

The renowned engine manufacturer MAN Engines continues its successful collaboration with Next Yacht Group Srl and will act as the exclusive supplier for new models of the Maiora and AB Yachts brands. The latest development, the 30-litre V12X yacht engine with an impressive 2,200 hp (1,618 kW), will power the powerful AB95 with a three-motor system. "For our latest coup – the AB95 – we are relying on nothing less than the latest generation of engines from MAN Engines," says Giorgio Mattei, Vice President of Next Yacht Group.

Since 2019, through its Italian Importer Ranieri Tonissi SpA, MAN Engines has been a premium supplier of MAN V12-2000 engines for the three-engine system of the AB100, which underlines the long-standing and successful partnership between MAN Engines and Next Yacht Group. "We are extremely pleased to deepen our collaboration with Next Yacht Group. MAN engines have always stood for exceptional quality, high fuel efficiency and an excellent power-to-weight ratio. In this way, they contribute exactly to the common denominator of the two different and unmistakable product lines Maiora and AB Yachts," says Reiner Roessner, Head of Sales at MAN Engines.

MAN Engines supplies a wide range of V12 engines in the upper power range with 1,900, 2,000 and 2,200 hp (1,397, 1,471 and 1,618 kW) to Next Yacht Group. These are for Maiora 30 and Maiora Exuma series, and for the AB80, AB100 and the brand-new AB95 and AB110 models. The expansion of the cooperation solidifies the position of both companies as pioneers and an integral part of the yachting industry and stands for the highest quality, innovative technology and superior performance. The successful partnership between MAN Engines and Next Yacht Group shows that joint efforts for quality and innovation can lead to outstanding results. "MAN Engines is proud to continue to contribute to the success story of Next Yacht Group and its exclusive brands," said Roessner.

MAN Engines is a leading global supplier of engine solutions for various applications, including yachts, workboats, agricultural machinery and power generators. With a long tradition and an excellent reputation for quality and reliability, MAN Engines offers innovative engine technology that meets the highest demands.

Next Yacht Group is the owner of the Maiora and AB Yachts brands, two companies with solid roots and a clear vision of the future: fifty years of activity, tailor-made yachts and an undisputed leadership position in terms of performance and style.