The electrics case, display and throttle lever: the new iSea components from MAN Engines for yachts and work boats


High degree of versatility and connectivity, intuitive operation


A new electrics case for yachts and work boats featuring a central electronics unit, bridge displays and a throttle lever is now available from MAN Engines under the product description iSea. All of the perfectly coordinated components of this new product line are characterised by the fact that they simplify processes and operating procedures. As an open system, they also provide a high degree of connectivity with other components that are commonly available on the market. iSea from MAN Engines saves customers time and space, thus generating added value that ultimately puts money in their pockets.

The new electrics case records all of the engine data and compares it with pre-determined target values. In the event of a departure from any engine or gearbox target values, an integrated alarm system triggers either a warning, an alarm or a reduction procedure in order to protect the engine. Given the fact that various control units, alarm systems and, if the customer so desires, safety systems, are incorporated into the electrics case, there is no need to house these additional components in the engine compartment. This frees up space in areas that tend to be cramped. The iSea electrics case's impressive level of versatility is further demonstrated by its CAN 1939 connection. With this connection, customers who have requirements over and above the iSea 7" and 5" displays supplied by MAN Engines are able to connect larger external displays as an alternative. Furthermore, the iSea electrics case from MAN Engines allows you to identify the root causes of maintenance work in advance using the “Marine Web Interface” via an online connection and to plan the necessary steps ahead of time. What's more, the interface can be used to retrieve and analyse consumption values, the load spectrum and much more on a desktop computer or mobile phone at your convenience.

The new iSea colour touch screens from MAN Engines display operating and control values for the engine, gearbox and, if available, exhaust gas aftertreatment. It is also possible, however, to integrate convenient functions such as video transmission from the boarding platform via the numerous interfaces. In addition, eight freely programmable digital inputs and one relay contact output are available. The iSea bridge displays can still be used to start up and stop the engine and initiate emergency propulsion functions. The IPS display (In-Plane Switching), with its wide viewing angle, high luminance and protection class IP66/67, uses the same technology as leading mobile phone manufacturers. Thanks to their streamlined design, the smart displays ensure that the control panel is both modern and clearly arranged, even on open bridges (fly bridge).

A modern classic, the MAN convenient throttle lever for single-engine or multi-engine systems is used for adjustable propellers and jet drives, and even for hybrid drives. When combined with the new iSea electrics case, customers will be investing in a perfectly coordinated system that ensures greater system reliability, quicker response characteristics and low fuel consumption. Even this iSea component frees up space on the bridge and in the engine compartment given the fact that the necessary control boards are integrated compactly into the electrics case.

Other information: www.man-engines.com/iSea-EN