MAN creates trend in used vehicle search

New MAN TopUsed app free and easy to use

Leading truck manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus UK has launched a new app to help customers in their search for quality used vehicles.

The new app makes it faster and simpler for potential customers to track down a vehicle that meets their criteria.

Matt Squires, head of MAN Top Used, explained: "It has never been easier for customers to find their perfect MAN. The new app is fantastically easy to use and it quickly identifies MAN TopUsed vehicles suitable for the cus-tomer's requirements in and around their area.

"We have also refreshed the way we market the vehicles offering a choice of one, two and three star vehicles under our Checked, Certified and Tested programme.

"Customers using the app can refine their search selection according to model and body type and can choose the quality of vehicle they are search-ing for using the CCT star-rating.

"Once they have found a vehicle of interest they can tap either the telephone or the e-mail icon and they will put in direct contact with the member of the sales team responsible for the vehicle."

He added: "This is the first time MAN TopUsed vehicles have been marketed in this way and I am sure that as well as expanding the MAN TopUsed market to more customers, it will streamline the whole search process.

"Customers are being given simple choices from the outset and it helps them narrow down their options before contacting the sales team."

The CCT star-rating offers three-star vehicles that are: a maximum of four years old; up to 400,000km for TGX/TGS tractors, up to 300,000 for TGS/ TGM rigids and up to 250,000km for TGL; at least 7mm tread; at least 12 months comprehensive warranty, at least nine months MOT; premium preparation; little, if any, wear and tear and a driver pack.

Two-star vehicles offer: six years old maximum; up to 600,00km TGX/ TGS tractors, up to 450,000 TGS/TGM rigids and up to 350,000km TGL; at least 6mm of tread; at least 12 months comprehensive warranty; at least six months MOT; extended preparation and age related wear and tear.

One-star vehicles offer: at least six months MOT; minimum three month driveline warranty; roadworthy condition and general cleaning.

Matt added: "The new system brings more of our product to the market and offers a robust retail solution which is of benefit to our customers and to MAN."

In addition, the app gives customers the choice of repair and maintenance contracts, MAN ComfortManaged which offers reduced costs and administration and the comprehensive MAN TopCare.

The MAN TopUsed app is free to download and use via Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In addition, the TopUsed website has been streamlined for ease of use and can be accessed at http://www.man-topused.co.uk/