Expanded protective measures against coronavirus: MAN offers antiviral microparticle filters for buses


Ensuring city buses, intercity buses and coaches are as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic is the highest priority for MAN Truck & Bus. The new MAN Genuine antiviral interior air filters actively protect against the transmission of viruses by reducing the concentration of aerosols to a minimum. The system is ready for installation on all MAN and NEOPLAN buses.

  • MAN’s comprehensive hygiene concept and effective safety measures against coronavirus make travelling by bus as safe as possible
  • The high-performance interior air filters boast multiple layers that capture ultrafine particles and are proven to filter droplets and virus aerosols
  • Innovative filter elements with disinfecting surface properties guarantee maximum protection in the passenger area

The international bus sector is still severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. To support bus companies and public operators and to protect passengers and bus drivers from becoming infected with the virus, MAN Truck & Bus quickly developed measures to ensure hygiene, and is continually improving these. “Sensible and effective safety measures against coronavirus are extremely important in regaining and increasing passengers’ confidence in bus travel,” says Rudi Kuchta, Head of Business Unit Bus at MAN Truck & Bus. As of recently, MAN now offers high-performance microparticle filters with antiviral effect, alongside many other measures. These are available for all new MAN and NEOPLAN buses as optional equipment ex works, or as a retrofit solution via the MAN service network for vehicles that are already in use.

The MAN Genuine antiviral interior air filters actively protect against the transmission of viruses by significantly reducing the concentration of virus aerosols inside the vehicle. This is made possible by the structure of the system, which has several layers of filters. These layers effectively filter harmful gas emissions as well as inorganic and biological particles and aerosols, capturing and neutralising them. Their concentration in the air is reduced significantly thanks to the high level of filtration provided by the first two layers. The antiviral effect of the third biofunctional layer almost completely disables any remaining viruses. “As a result, the interior air filters play a significant role in providing the cleanest possible air inside the buses, and in further minimising the risk of viral transmission,” explains Heinz Kiess, Head of Product Marketing Bus at MAN Truck & Bus.

A very low risk of infection inside the bus is already ensured by the high-performance air-conditioning systems that are equipped as standard in MAN and NEOPLAN buses. Whatever the season, they guarantee an effective exchange of air, and therefore an optimal supply of fresh air. Every two to four minutes, the air inside the bus is completely replaced with fresh air. This exchange is much more frequent than is typical in offices or residential properties.

Another building block of MAN’s extensive concept for protection against infection with coronavirus is the hygienic protective screen for the driver's workplace. This is installed on almost all city buses, intercity buses and coaches from MAN and NEOPLAN ex works, and is available via the MAN service network for retrofitting. Floor-to-ceiling panels protect against SARS-CoV-2 viruses and other infections. Therefore, this solution should play a major role in ensuring that bus drivers can go about their work as safely as possible. “Of course, the specially developed hygienic screens also meet all the legal requirements and never impair the driver’s vision,” says Heinz Kiess. It is also possible to retrofit hand sanitiser dispensers, to provide another layer of protection for passengers. “All these measures and solutions are possible for the buses that we manufacture, whether they are new or already in use. Of course, used vehicles from MAN TopUsed can also be equipped with comprehensive safety measures against coronavirus.”

MAN Truck & Bus is also paying special attention to ensuring the vehicle equipment works without a hitch. “To guarantee that, we offer our customers comprehensive service packages,” says Kiess. Among other things, these include the maintenance and cleaning of the air-conditioning system, or a complete vehicle check on request. Another measure offered to customers is to coat the interiors of the buses with a special surface coating. A protective film is applied to the surfaces to reliably contain the spread of viruses, bacteria and germs.

“All these measures serve to increase the safety of drivers and passengers. At the same time, we want to help our customers make their businesses easier, more profitable, more sustainable, and future-proof,” explains Heinz Kiess, adding: “Well over a thousand vehicles have already been equipped with our coronavirus-proofing measures across Europe. This shows how much demand there is for custom solutions and comprehensive safety concepts.”