MAN puts finishing touch on successful minibus range with exclusive TGE Coach touring vehicle


As an addition to the TGE Intercity for long-distance travel, the TGE City for urban mobility solutions and the flexible TGE combi, MAN Truck & Bus has now launched a touring vehicle based on the MAN TGE. Named the TGE Coach, this new model now allows MAN to offer a complete range of minibus options in addition to its full-size coaches – and it has a design that is perfect for accommodating any need.

  • Minibus series launched in 2018 now complete
  • New TGE Coach touring vehicle features up to 16 seats, ample space and outstanding comfort
  • Flexible combi model also available as fully electric eTGE combi for emission-free driving
  • Also in the range: the low-floor TGE City minibus for urban transport and the TGE Intercity for long-distance journeys
  • Comprehensive package of modern driver assistance systems provided with MAN minibuses for maximum safety

MAN Truck & Bus is unveiling a new vehicle type for model year 2021, designed to add the finishing touch to its carefully configured range of minibuses. Based on the successful MAN TGE van, the company’s minibuses have enjoyed a rousing reception on the market since their launch in 2018, with around 500 vehicles sold in Europe. Now, the range is gaining a new addition in the form of a comfortable touring vehicle designed to accommodate up to 16 passengers. Available in a diesel model and as the fully electric eTGE combi, the TGE combi version of this vehicle is an impressively versatile choice for transporting small groups. While the TGE City is made primarily for urban passenger transport and the sturdy TGE Intercity is at home in shuttle and leisure services, on hotel feeder lines and as a multi-purpose vehicle, the new MAN TGE Coach is ideal for anything from shuttle services and occasional transport requirements through to shorter journeys.

The compact option that’s still suitable for long journeys: MAN’s new TGE Coach

The new addition to MAN’s minibus range is the TGE Coach, which is based on an extra-long panel van with an M2-class high roof (7.4 metres long, 2.62 metres high without the air-conditioning system). Especially during journeys on motorways, the TGE Coach achieves outstanding consumption values and an excellent drag coefficient value of Cd 0.33, placing it right at the head of the competition in the efficiency race. To achieve this, the largest available version of the inline-four engine is installed as standard, with common rail injection and twin-turbocharging. Proven and tested, the modern two-litre engine produces a substantial maximum torque value of 410 Newton metres at an output of 177 hp (130 kW) – so it can even take journeys into the mountains in its stride. There is also the option of a precision six-speed manual gearbox or a convenient eight-speed automatic gearbox – but the vehicle is a dream to drive whatever the choice. A sturdy electronic brake system with 16-inch discs and reinforced stabilisers works together with the assistance systems provided as standard to maximise driving safety, while the optional air suspension elevates the comfort that passengers experience to a level more typical of a large coach.

Able to accommodate five tonnes of gross train weight, this exclusive touring vehicle can be fitted out with 16 seats in various configurations, making it the ideal choice for small tour groups and shuttle services. The seats meet high standards of quality and are available in two leather designs or with materials from MAN’s full bus collection. They are equipped with three-point seat belts and fixed permanently to the vehicle in all cases.

The low luggage compartment at the beautifully designed rear of the vehicle can hold as much as 1,700 litres of luggage as standard. Not only that, but luggage racks are also provided inside and each passenger benefits from service sets – just like a full-sized coach. Passengers are able to get inside quickly and easily through a pantograph-controlled electric outward-swinging door on the right-hand side. The first seat behind the door can be equipped with a microphone so that it can act as the courier’s seat, and there is also the option of installing a 15-litre refrigerator for cold drinks in the front area of the vehicle. The bright, inviting interior affords plenty of space for up to 16 passengers and is available in two different colour schemes – because journeys are much more appealing in surroundings that offer more than just standard grey fittings. A permanently installed table at certain seats provides another way to take the vehicle to the next level. The large, shaded windows are double-glazed to provide the very best insulation and soundproofing.

Included as standard, the fully automatic Climatronic system keeps the temperature pleasant and is complemented by a separately controlled roof-mounted air-conditioning system that delivers 13 kW of cooling capacity. With its air exchange rate of 2,040 m³/h and a constant supply of fresh air, the TGE Coach is perfectly positioned to cope with the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. To provide the driver with extra protection, a Plexiglas hygiene shield is also available. As well as this, convectors with an auxiliary water heater are provided as standard to deliver top heating performance in harsh conditions – and an auxiliary heater is available specifically with journeys through cold countries in mind. Each passenger seat features a USB charging socket and the vehicle can be equipped with high-quality WiFi to provide a digital creature comfort that today’s passengers expect – especially in a MAN coach that is designed to cater to every demand, albeit in a new scaled-down format.

MAN minibus range based on the TGE

Working on the basis of the TGE van, MAN is converting some of its model range into fully fledged minibuses at its Bus Modification Center (BMC) in Plauen, Germany. Internationally, MAN is also working with 20 certified body manufacturers including Baltic expert ALTAS, which is now producing the TGE Coach to MAN’s exacting quality standards alongside one of the TGE Intercity models and the TGE City.

Whether they are required for transporting small groups, travelling in suburban or rural areas, or operating during low-usage times of the day, minibuses are an increasingly popular choice as an addition or an alternative to the traditional 12-metre bus. New mobility services that focus on flexibility and digital solutions are particularly keen on these compact methods of transport, as they provide an efficient, inexpensive way of responding to today’s on-demand travel needs. MAN Truck & Bus is now offering four minibus models based on the reliable, comfortable TGE van – a full range of options to accommodate this growing segment.

Maximum safety: Assistance systems for minibuses

Around 20 types of safety technology are provided either as standard or as options across the entire fleet of MAN’s TGE minibuses, making them some of the safest vehicles navigating Europe’s roads. These features include electronic parking assistance with side protection, the multifunction rear-view camera, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), an area monitoring system with an innovative city emergency brake function, Active Lane Assist, road sign recognition, Side Wall Protection Assist, a multi-collision brake and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA). Fatigue-proof, long-lasting LED lighting is also available for every TGE model and a static cornering light is integrated as standard into the TGE City and TGE Coach. Designed specifically with long motorway stretches in mind, the Lane Change Assist and Crosswind Assist features in the TGE Coach help remove much of the strain associated with driving.