European comparison tests: MAN TGX achieves top results


Recently, at the European Truck Challenge press comparison test, the new MAN TGX achieved the best result when it came to operating costs, and also grabbed a top spot for consumption. In the overall evaluation of the competitors involved, this resulted in an excellent second place, just behind its sister company Scania. Prior to this, the MAN TGX had already driven home with an overall win at the renowned Euro Truck Test.


  • New MAN TGX with the lowest operating costs and very low consumption in the European Truck Challenge
  • A confident second place for the MAN TGX in the European Truck Challenge following win in the Euro Truck Test

When it came to operating costs (one of the key assessment categories of the European Truck Challenge), the MAN TGX 18.510 was in part considerably ahead of the three competitors Scania 540 S, Mercedes-Benz Actros 1853 and DAF XF 530 with its 73.2 cents per kilometre. With its low consumption of 28.1 litres over 100 kilometres, it was also almost on a par with the truck winning first place, the Scania 540 S (28.0 litres). Together with top assessments for driver assistance, vehicle handling, interior and rest area, it thereby drove into a very confident second place in the overall assessment.

The new MAN TGX, which was first showcased in February 2020, was therefore able to prove its calibre in another important comparison test. Shortly before this, an MAN TGX 18.430 had driven home with the overall win in the Euro Truck Test – ahead of Scania and Mercedes-Benz – thanks to its consumption of 23.41 litres over 100 kilometres and the best score in the driver assessment. “These are amazing test results which clearly show that our new MAN is top when it comes to economy and operating costs – and also when it comes to driver comfort and ease of use”, says Andreas Tostmann, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus.

ETC and ETT: renowned European test formats

The European Truck Challenge (ETC), which ran for the seventh time in 2020, takes place under the management of German specialist magazine “KFZ-Anzeiger” in cooperation with other European publications. The test course, which is in southern Lower Saxony and is approx. 188 kilometres long, stretches from Bockenem in the Harz to Hannoversch Münden/Stauffenberg and back. Semitrailer tractors with a power rating of approx. 500 hp and 2500 Nm torque competed in the ETC 2020.

The Euro Truck Test (ETT), which has been established since 2006, is organised by the German specialist magazines “Trucker” and “Verkehrsrundschau”, with other European specialist magazines participating, too. The 342.8-kilometre test track runs to the north of Munich and via Regensburg, Nuremberg and Ingolstadt, amongst others. As a special feature, a reference vehicle is used for the consumption measurements of the ETT. This allows different weather influences during the individual test drives to be equalised with regard to the comparability of the test vehicles. At the ETT 2020, the focus was on semitrailer tractors in the power range just above 400 hp.