On the safe side: extra-long guarantees and digital vehicle tours with MAN TopUsed


MAN TopUsed, MAN’s international used vehicle brand, is expanding its services. Guarantee contracts with terms up to 36 months and mileage up to 1.1 million km are now available for MAN TopUsed trucks. With MAN LionView, customers can now experience our vehicles virtually, just by watching a short video.

  • A term of up to 36 months and a mileage of up to 1.1 million km for driveline and complete vehicle guarantees
  • Guarantees for driveline and driveline plus (ATG & ATG+) also for 8x4 vehicles from MAN’s TGS and TGX series
  • MAN LionView in 14 countries: virtual vehicle tours and digitalisation at the point of sales

For many years now, MAN TopUsed has provided professionally maintained and comprehensively tested commercial vehicles that offer a high degree of value retention. As planning certainty and contact-free communication are currently an especially high priority, MAN’s international used vehicle brand has expanded its service portfolio.

MAN TopUsed guarantees are now available for four different term durations – previously, the contracts used to last for six, twelve or 24 months. Now, the service can also be valid for up to 36 months, and for a mileage of up to 1.1 million km – in case of guarantees for the complete vehicle and the driveline (ATG & ATG+). The only requirements are: the used vehicle is a used MAN TGX or TGS with a 4x2, 6x2 or 6x4 wheel configuration, which has a maximum of 650,999 km on the clock at the start of the term, and has passed an MAN TopUsed inspection to ensure that it can be guaranteed.

MAN TopUsed also offers a driveline guarantee (ATG & ATG+) for the 8x4 version of the 4-axle TGS and TGX, provided that it has no more than 240,000 km on the clock, for all four terms. As a result, customers have an even greater selection of options for their individual MAN TopUsed guarantee package. All our guarantees can be combined with the benefits of one of the five different MAN service contracts.

Flexibility, fast and reliable warranty processing, minimal downtimes thanks to MAN's comprehensive service network, and no unforeseen costs are some of the considerable advantages that MAN TopUsed customers can enjoy.

Virtual tour with MAN LionView

MAN LionView offers additional safety and transparency: thanks to our innovative solutions, MAN TopUsed customers have the chance to experience a vehicle contact-free and in a digital environment from the convenience of their homes – in the form of professional video recordings. The MAN TopUsed sales team can also answer individual customer enquiries quickly and virtually by providing a 360-degree tour of the vehicle. In addition, customers can easily request a video of the relevant vehicle via the homepage at www.man-topused.eu. The customer receives the link to the video via email and text. They can access the video online as many times as they like, and get in touch with the TopUsed point of contact. “With MAN LionView, our MAN TopUsed professionals can provide the customer with all of the required information from the very first contact, which helps to create transparency and trust and build up a customer relationship. It’s not just a fun process, but also an even easier and more convenient way of acquiring a vehicle from the MAN TopUsed range,” Stefan Schall, Head of MAN TopUsed, is happy to report. TopUsed provides the use of MAN LionView in 14 European countries: Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the UK, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Customers from all over the world can access it.

About MAN TopUsed:

MAN TopUsed brings to market used trucks, vans and buses/coaches of the MAN and NEOPLAN brands, as well as from other manufacturers. In addition to the vehicles, it also sells trailers and semitrailers. Furthermore, MAN TopUsed provides a wide variety of other services, from leasing and financing offers through to repair and maintenance contracts and international used vehicle guarantees.