Smart deliveries in urban areas: MAN and RYTLE win VerkehrsRundschau accolade in the Environ-mental – Collaboration category


Once every two years, German trade magazine VerkehrsRundschau teams up with an expert judging panel to confer the VR awards. This year, the MAN eTGM electric truck and the RYTLE system won the VR award in the Environmental – Collaboration category.


  • MAN eTGM and RYTLE system guarantee silent, zero-emissions transport in urban areas
  • MAN began selling a small batch of all-electric trucks at the end of 2019
  • Bremen-based company RYTLE offers networked concept for last mile

Trade magazine VerkehrsRundschau hands out accolades on a biennial basis to honour companies from the transport and logistics industries for exceptional achievements or especially innovative ideas in the fields of education and careers, environmental protection and digital transformation. The decisions are made by a judging panel consisting of well-known experts from the relevant fields. This year, the panel was won over by a concept for the “last mile”, which was created by collaboration partners MAN Truck & Bus and RYTLE.

MAN Truck & Bus is one of the first European commercial vehicle manufacturers that, along with its customers, has successfully managed to make e-mobility a road-going proposition. The all-electric MAN TGM 26.360 E LL distribution truck ticks all the boxes in terms of expectations for delivery vehicles in an urban environment. The MAN eTGM is powered by a 264 kW electric motor which produces a maximum torque of 3,100 Nm. Auxiliary units such as power steering, air compressors and the air-conditioning system are electric, with the energy management system controlling them as required to ensure energy saving. The vehicle’s kinetic energy when coasting and braking – typical of urban driving – is converted into electrical energy and returned to the storage battery, a process known as regenerative braking. This technology can increase the vehicle’s range considerably. Since December 2019, a small batch of MAN eTGMs has been available to consumers.

The MAN eTGM can be combined with a wide variety of modifications for logistics applications in built-up urban areas. Customers can benefit from an especially smart transport solution when the vehicle is paired with the last mile logistics concept from Bremen-based company RYTLE. This ensures quiet, zero-emissions transport in city centres and on the final mile. The comprehensive RYTLE logistics solution for a clean last-mile process includes four components deliberately designed to work together as smoothly as possible: the HUB, MovR, BOX and APP.

The starting point for the delivery process is a City-HUB – a swap body that is lowered by means of hydraulic supports; for instance, this can be loaded with pre-picked boxes in the morning hours. Using the fully electric MAN eTGM distribution truck, these HUBs can be transported into the city centre in a silent, zero-emissions process. The MovR, a patented professional cargo bike, also enables delivery staff to navigate the last mile without releasing either noise or carbon emissions. Meanwhile, the system’s one-of-a-kind swap’n’go technology makes it possible to replace pre-picked BOX containers in just a few easy steps.

“We’re delighted with the VR award in the Environment – Collaboration category. It’s a sign that, at MAN, we’re taking responsibility for the environment and working on new transport solutions for our customers,” explains Jens Hartmann, MAN eTGM project manager.

“Cooperation of all participants of the supply chain is essential when it comes to the challenge of cost efficient and environmental friendly deliveries on ‘the last mile’. Only through cooperative solutions as with MAN Truck & Bus we generate real transport solutions for our customers. That is why we are very thankful for the recognition of our efforts through the Jury of the VR Award”, says Ingo Lübs, Managing Director of RYTLE GmbH.