Yacht engines from MAN Engines: Certified to all major emission standards – for use in all parts of the world


EPA Tier 3 recreational, China Marine Recreational Stage II, IMO Tier II, RCD 2013/53/EC; power range from 730 to 2,000 HP; 12.4 to 24.2 litres displacement

For your yacht engines, MAN Engines can now provide emission certificates satisfying all the major engine emission standards throughout the world: In particular these include EPA Tier 3, China Marine Recreational Stage II, IMO Tier II and RCD 2013/53/EC (EU Recreational Craft Directive). In this way shipyards and yacht builders can offer their products in sales markets throughout the world, and owners can enjoy the greatest possible flexibility in the use and resale of their boats.

The most recent homologation granted the MAN Engines twelve-cylinder, eight-cylinder and six-cylinder engines type approval to the China Marine Recreational Stage II engine emission standard. With limit values of 5.8 g/kWh NOx and 0.12 g/kWh particulate matter – in the power class available from MAN Engines – these also satisfy the limit values of the EU and the USA. The China Marine Recreational Stage II engine emission standard comes into force on 1 July 2022. The current China Marine Recreational Stage I standard is also satisfied by the current MAN certificate. “Customers who decide today in favour of MAN Engines are certainly investing in the future!” declares Claus Benzler, Head of Marine MAN Engines.

MAN yacht engines are available in the range 12.4 to 24.2 litres displacement, with power ratings 730 to 2,000 HP (537 to 1,397 kW).