E-scooters from TIER are kept mobile across Europe with electric vans from MAN


The provider of sustainable micromobility TIER Mobility has concluded a framework agreement with MAN Truck & Bus. The content: the delivery of MAN eTGE electric vans to numerous European countries. The first vehicles were put into operation in London, Düsseldorf and numerous other German cities. They make it possible to change the batteries of the e-scooters without any local emissions.

Electrically powered scooters have become part of a modern cityscape. They complete the urban, sustainable mobility offer. Europe's leading provider in this field is TIER Mobility. In 2020, the Berlin-based company, together with two other e-scooter providers, has committed to more sustainability in all areas. One result of this commitment is the framework agreement now signed with MAN Truck & Bus for the delivery of up to 130 battery-electric vans.

The framework agreement applies to 13 countries in Europe where TIER is active, such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. An extension to other countries is possible. The first vehicles are already in use in Great Britain and Germany. In Germany, in addition to Düsseldorf, these other cities have already welcomed a MAN eTGE into their TIER fleet: Halle (Saale), Ingolstadt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Münster, Reutlingen and Osnabrück.

Maximilian Djacic is responsible for the operational vehicle fleet at TIER Mobility. He is pleased about the new additions to his fleet: "The MAN eTGE electric transporters represent an important brick in the conversion of our service fleet to electric vehicles. Thanks to the high payload and range of the e-transporter, our employees can transport everything they need for the daily operation of our multimodal fleet and also get through city traffic quickly and efficiently." Maximilian Djacic was also impressed by the extensive safety and comfort features that come as standard in the MAN eTGE. For example, Emergency Brake Assist, the rear-view camera or the Side Wall Protection Assist provide great benefits in the city centre and also make the vehicle very attractive economically. "The MAN eTGE has already been on the market since 2018. In my view, it provides us with a mature, robust e-vehicle that meets our requirements for clean and low-emission city transport 100 per cent," explains Maximilian Djacic, Project Manager Operations Vehicles at TIER.

The BEV transporters are primarily used at TIER Mobility for changing the batteries in the electric scooters. The fully charged batteries are charged in the TIER depot and exchanged on site with the help of the eTGE. In some cities, TIER also operates decentralised charging and exchange stations to minimise the distances within the city. In addition, the MAN e-transporters are also used to transport the e-scooters when they need to be serviced or repaired.

"We are very pleased that our eTGEs will soon be on the road in the TIER fleet in more and more European cities. MAN and TIER - that's an excellent connection, because our two companies are united by the goal of making the future of mobility more sustainable and climate-friendly," says Daniel Holbein, who is responsible for the Sales Van division at MAN Truck & Bus SE.

The MAN TGE 3.140 E, as it is known, has 10.7 cubic metres of load space and a payload of just under one tonne. It is fast-chargeable and can be charged from 0 to 80 percent within 45 minutes with up to 40 kW direct current. MAN gives an 8-year or 160,000 km warranty on the batteries.

Video: MAN eTGE for TIER in use in Düsseldorf

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The air-conditioning systems in our vehicles contain fluorinated greenhouse gases (R134a / GWP 1,430 with up to 1.15 kg equivalent to 1.6445 t CO2). In MAN TGE vehicle classes N1, M1, N2 and M2, refrigerant of the type R1234yf is used. The GWP value of the refrigerant used is 4 (refrigerant type R1234yf). In case of one refrigerant compressor, filling quantities vary between 540 and 570 grams. In case of two refrigerant compressors they vary between 785 and 815 grams.

With the MAN eTGE, refrigerant R134a is used. The GWP value of the refrigerant used is 1.430 (refrigerant type R134a). The fill levels depend on the refrigerant compressor and vary between 560 and 590 grams.

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